Why do puppies need omega-3?

We hear a lot about omega-3 and how it helps support joints and cartilage in senior dogs, but let’s investigate what role this essential fatty acid plays for teeny tiny ones: puppies.

If you’re not sure what omega-3 is, there’s a quick explainer on this blog here

Is omega-3 important for puppies?

When we talk about puppy health and omega-3, it’s all about the DHA – Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). You get this puppy power from oily fish. We can’t get enough of how brilliant DHA omega-3 is for puppies. This super-fat has been shown to make them smarter, happier and healthier! Specific benefits of DHA for puppies include:

Immune booster

DHA helps to boost your puppy’s immune system and improves their response to vaccinations. It helps protect sensitive immune systems when puppy is ready to explore the world – and that world is naturally full of germs.

Before they’re weaned, puppies get DHA from their mother’s milk. Once they move on to puppy food, it’s important to make sure they get enough DHA from their diet.

Brain boxes

Amazingly, studies show dogs who get the right level of omega-3 as puppies grow up to be happier, more confident, more sociable dogs that are even better at learning

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A diet that’s rich in omega-3 supports your puppy’s rapidly developing vision. This helps them explore their world – as well as discover new and exciting ways to get into mischief. 

How much omega-3 does my puppy need?

Let us help. We’ll make your puppy’s recipe from everything you tell us. It’s precise and exactly tailored to them as they grow – and grow! 

We make sure tails.com puppies get the full benefits of DHA by always including high-quality sources, like salmon oil, until they’re 14 weeks old (and often older).

What’s more, we give you a puppy feeding plan (and a scoop), so all their feeding needs are covered – from those all-important training treats, nutritious kibble and tasty wet food – everything counts, so let’s make sure it’s brilliant.

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