Blend evolution – what is it and what does it mean?

Your dog’s 1-in-a-million recipe is with them for life. That’s what. From puppies just weeks into the big wide world to sofa-loving seniors who’ve spent years running through leaves and chasing their tails, having a unique recipe made just for your dog means it cleverly adjusts with them as they age. A tweak here, a new supplement there, more protein, more fibre. Here’s how we do it.

When there are many nutritional changes going on in your dog’s body, we believe it’s important that as your dog ages – their food should change with them. That’s what our tailored food does, and we call it blend evolution. 

What’s Blend Evolution?

For you as an owner, it means that :

  • The kibbles that make up your dog’s unique blend will slowly change over time – giving them the nutrients they need as they get older
  • There’s no need to change food, ever again
  • You’re in control – tell us whenever there’s a change and we’ll do the rest.

For your dog, this means:

  • Enjoying all the nutrients and extras they need – all from their kibble
  • No upset tummies from abrupt changes in diet
  • Always getting exactly the right nutrition at every stage – No nutrient deficiency or excess – like lower fat for a senior dog, and plenty of protein as a growing puppy.
How we look after puppies

To show you what it looks like in reality, we thought we’d start with how we look after your puppy’s recipe. It’s amazing how fast they change. Not just in height, but in personality too. They’re teething, learning and exploring the world. That means dog food needs to adapt to fuel their every move, so we keep their recipe changing to balance:

  • High quality proteins essential for building muscles and strong skeletons
  • Grains that are gentle on the tummy 
  • Zinc to help with growing immune systems – it’s good for skin and coat too
  • Prebiotics like Yucca and Chicory extract to promote healthy gut flora 
  • Calcium and phosphorus levels for bones
  • Salmon oil to help promote puppy vision and brain growth
The next step in Blend Evolution

When a puppy becomes a junior, changes to an adult, or slows to a senior – their nutritional needs change. They might change tastes, develop allergies or intolerances, even suffer from common health conditions. We can tweak their recipe for every moment, to ensure their dog food is perfectly balanced just for them.

When it comes to those sofa years, we add: 

  • Fibre for good digestion
  • Chondroitin and Glucosamine to support their healthy joints and mobility
  • Easy-to-digest protein sources, ideal for when eating can be a little bit tricky
  • Vitamins A & E to provide essential antioxidants to support immunity.

If you have any questions at all about the way that Blend Evolution works please get in touch or pop a question in the comments.

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  1. Hi, we have a 12month old Cockalier, called Sadie and she has just been spayed. Does her diet need to change?
    She is currently on Acanna + Purina for digestion sensitivity + fresh chicken or fish topper. She also has a drizzle of fish oil in the morning. She weighs 11kg and is extremely active


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