‘Ruff’ Guide: The Search for the Most Dog-Friendly Road Trips

From coastline-hugging highways, to winding countryside roads, there’s no travel experience quite like the road trip, especially as you can bring your four-legged friend along with you! 

It is estimated that 75% of families will take a road trip in the next 12 months and 60% already plan their holidays around their pets; we wanted to find out which of Europe’s most iconic road trips offer the best experience for dogs (and their owners too).  

From pet friendly Airbnbs to the number of dog-friendly walking trails on route, when you’re ready to hit the road, here are Europe’s most dog-friendly road trips. Happy driving! 

‘Ruff’ guide: Europe’s top 3 dog-friendly road trips revealed

Dog-friendly road trips

Taking 78 of the most popular European road trip journeys, tails.com researchers used a five point criteria to determine which road trips offer the most for dogs (and their owners) along the way. 

Paris to Nice road trip crowned Europe’s most dog-friendly road trip

Discover the true beauty of France with this 578-mile road trip through the heart of France. Along this exceptional route, you’ll pass through hundreds of dog-friendly destinations including Paris, Lyon, Valence, Avignon, Marseille and Nice.

This road trip scored 36.2 out of 50 for elements like dog-friendly Airbnb’s and dog-friendly restaurants along the way, so your pooch will be able to put their paws up in comfort after a long day of travel. 


Kick-off your road trip with a visit to Paris’s traditional bistro, La Fontaine De Mars.  Welcoming four-legged friends with open arms, you can grab a table on the outdoor terrace and enjoy authentic French food. 


Lyon is a city known for its historical and architectural landmarks, but also its love of dogs. There’s plenty of pet-friendly Airbnb’s to stay at with your dog and for a fair price you can rent a city-centre apartment for just £80. 


Indulge in some traditional French cuisine at Le Cafe Victor Hugo, where dogs can join you for lunch on the shaded terrace. The friendly waiting staff will even bring your dog a fresh bowl of water over.


After exploring Avignon, make sure to stop by Le 46 for a delicious Mediterranean menu and a restaurant where your four-legged friend is always welcome. 


Marseille has lots of dog-friendly Airbnb’s to choose from and some at a very affordable price. We’ve found a 1 bedroom, 2-bed, authentic French apartment for just £59 a night, close to the Old Port of Marseille. 


No trip to Nice is complete without a trip to dog-friendly Bocca Nissa that offers French and Mediterranean dishes on its rooftop terrace, where your dog can join you for dinner. 

Edinburgh to Kirkwall – Scottish road trip scores high on dog-friendly credentials

Last year, we crowned Edinburgh as the UK’s most dog-friendly staycation destination so there’s no wonder this road trip starting in the Scottish capital scored high for dog-friendliness. 

Voted 7.9 out of 10 for best walking trails, there’s plenty of ‘big walks’ to explore on your journey through Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Kirkwall. 


What better way to begin your journey than with a trip to Edinburgh’s Portobello Beach. The popular dog-friendly destination is the perfect spot for a seaside stroll and a dip of paws (and feet) in the ocean. 


Duthie Park in Aberdeen has 44 acres of green space, winding paths and a river to roam, making it a great location to stop off with your four-legged friend. 


There’s no better place to explore and feel the wind in your fur (and hair) than Loch Ness. The scenic walk is 23 miles in length around the large, deepwater lock and you might even catch a glimpse of the allusive Loch Ness Monster. 


Kirkwall Harbourfront is a picturesque place to enjoy a leisurely stroll with your dog and once you’ve worked up an appetite, perch on a bench with some fish and chips, watching the local fishermen come and go. 

Marbella to Granada scores top marks for a Spanish dog-friendly adventure

Explore Spain’s most ‘canine catered for’ cities on this road trip that takes you through Marbella, Ronda, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera, Seville, Cordoba and Granada.

Scoring 30.4 out of 50 for dog-friendly restaurants and Airbnb’s, there’s plenty of places to stop off for some tapas and dog treats along the way. 


The dog-friendly Los Mellizos in Marbella is the perfect spot to start off your road trip. Famous for their fish dishes and stunning sea views, pull up a table outside and enjoy dining with your dog. 


In the mountaintop city of Ronda, make sure to visit Taberna El Almacén, a great dog-friendly restaurant, where you and your dog can sit both inside or outside to tuck into some tapas. 


The city of Cadiz welcomes dogs (and their humans) with open arms. After a day of exploring, make a stop off at Restaurante Las Cortes de Cádiz where you can sit outside with your canine companion and indulge in their delicious fish and meat dishes. 

Jerez de la Frontera

Looking for somewhere your pup can put their paws up after a long day. Jerez de la Frontera has plenty of Airbnb’s to choose from. For just £86 a night you can stay in a charming city-centre apartment, on the ground floor of a quiet, classical Andalusian townhouse. 


Seville has a variety of dog-friendly restaurants to explore on your visit. Treat yourself to some tapas on the terrace at Barajas 20 or check out the Italian-American restaurant Toby Eats the World, where your pooch can join you inside – and even get a treat!


The Vienna Roof is the perfect pet-friendly Airbnb to choose in Cordoba for a room with a view. Located in front of the Vienna Palace, it has stunning views for you and your dog to watch the world go by and a roof terrace to enjoy an al fresco dinner. 


If you’ve worked up an appetite exploring Granada, Atahualpa Steakhouse is a popular dining spot to enjoy dinner on the terrace with your four-legged friend who’s more than welcome. 

The UK’s 10 most dog-friendly road trips revealed

Dog-friendly road trips

As part of our rough guide, we ranked dog-friendly road trips in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with Scotland’s Edinburgh to Kirkwall road trip topping the overall list.

Unfortunately, no road trips in Northern Ireland made the UK top 10 list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for you and your pooch. Keep scrolling! We’ve got a separate graphic later if you’re looking for road trips on the Emerald Isle. 

England’s 10 most dog-friendly road trip destinations

Atlantic Highway

England is known for its love of canine companions, so it’s no surprise that the Atlantic Highway road trip scored 30.1 out of 50. 

From dog-friendly attractions to pet-friendly restaurants, you can enjoy taking in some tourist hot spots and dining with your four-legged friend by your side.


Saunton Sands Beach is the ultimate ‘pooch’s paradise’ where they can roam across the golden sand in this off-lead area for 3 and a half miles. Arlington Court and National Trust Carriage Museum is also a great dog-friendly spot for a wander around the grounds. 


The Life’s a Beach Cafe in Bude is a dog-friendly stop for some well-earned lunch. With a large covered terrace outside, your four-legged friend can cool down in the shade and have plenty to drink from a choice of water bowls dotted around.

Exmoor National Park

The Exmoor National Park is the ultimate ‘dogs adventure playground’ with moorland, woodland and rivers, there’s plenty of sights and smells to experience. Dunster Castle, a National Trust gem, is also close by where you can explore everywhere except inside the castle and tea room.


A trip to Newquay wouldn’t be complete without a visit to English celebrity chef, Rick Stein’s Fistral Beach restaurant. Here you can enjoy a delicious fish dish overlooking the beach and four-legged friends are just as welcome as anyone else. 

Oxford to the Wye Valley

From cities to countryside, explore England’s ultimate ‘doggy day out’ destinations on this road trip through Oxford, Cotswolds, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Ross-on-Wye. 

Scoring 7.7 out of 10 for dog-friendly restaurants, 6.7 for walking trails and 6.8 for Airbnb’s, they’ll be plenty to keep you and your dog entertained along the way. 


Start your trip off with a spot of brunch at the Vaults & Garden Cafe, in Oxford City Centre. The super dog-friendly cafe lets you dine with your dog in the lovely church garden, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch made with organic ingredients. 


Take in the sights from the iconic Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds, where dogs are welcome to enjoy the 50-acres of parkland and dog agility obstacles. There’s also dog-friendly seating at both the grounds cafe and restaurant, for if you need any refreshments afterwards. 


If you’ve worked up an appetite exploring the town of Cheltenham, make sure to stop by the pet-friendly pub The Beehive, where your four-legged friend can join you inside for a traditional roast or homemade pie.


The Fountain Inn is a must on your jaunt through Gloucester, its traditional pub food will definitely hit the spot and it’s very dog-friendly with water bowls at the ready and dog treats on the bar. 


Finish off your trip with a night at The Game Larders at £99 a night. The self-contained and dog-friendly Airbnb is situated in the west wing of a manor house and has a garden, freshwater lake, vineyard and wooded grounds surrounding it – perfect for your pooch to explore. 

Plymouth to Southampton

Explore areas of outstanding beauty along this scenic route through Southwest England visiting dog-friendly destinations like Plymouth, the Dartmoor National Park, Exeter, Dorchester, Bournemouth, New Forest and Southampton.  

The road trip scored 27.6 out of 50 for factors like dog-friendly walking trails and pet-friendly restaurants, so there’s plenty of places to explore and enjoy a well-deserved meal at the end of the day. 


The National Trust owned Saltram Park is a great place to stop in Plymouth, with 500 acres of meadows, farmland, woodland and saltmarshes to roam freely. The dog-friendly attraction also provides water bowls outside of the cafe and visitor centre, because running around can be thirsty work!

Dartmoor National Park

The Dartmoor National Park is a fantastic place to get your paws dirty! Its vast landscape of forests, rivers, wetland and farmland means you’ll encounter a variety of wildlife and areas enriched with history.


On the Waterfront is a great pup-friendly pub to drop into for a drink after a stroll along Exeter Quay. It’s a suntrap in the summer months and has a heated terrace that keeps you cosy in winter, making it the perfect place to relax with your canine companion. 


If you’re looking for a good walk to get that tail wagging, the Dorchester Riverside and Farm Trail is a good place to start. The circular walk is a 4.7km loop that explores the local farmland and banks of the River Frome. 


When visiting Bournemouth you have to tick off the dog-friendly area on the Alum Chine Beach. You’ll find it located between the Alum Chine beach office (groyne 3) and the border with Poole’s first beach, Branksome Dene Chine beach.

New Forest

Choose from 140 miles of tracks and footpaths to conquer with your four-legged friend in the New Forest. We’d recommend the Bolderwood Deer Spotting Walk is a great place to start.


Nestled in the heart of Southampton’s countryside is the dog-friendly pub, The Hampshire Bowman. At this pub, dogs come first! Run by two resident dogs and their owner, this pub is equipped with dog treats on the bar, water bowls, hoses for muddy pups and plenty of food and drink options for the human too. 

Mapping Scotland’s 10 most dog-friendly road trip destinations

Dog-friendly Scotland road trips

Edinburgh to Kirkwall

Take a tour of the Scottish Highlands visiting the best bustling cities and places of natural beauty that favour your four-legged friend. 

Scoring 31.7 out of 50 for elements like dog-friendly Airbnb’s and pet-friendly restaurants, there’s plenty of places for you to visit as you venture through Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Kirkwall. 


Tea and Sympathy should be the first place to stop on your journey through Edinburgh, for a warm pastry and a tasty dog treat! There’s even a wall of fame with polaroids of the pooches that have visited before you – so get your dog ‘selfie ready’.


The Long Dog Cafe is a much-favoured spot by all the dogs of Aberdeen. Serving up delicious doggy ice creams and human food too, all dogs are allowed here if ‘accompanied by a well-behaved adult’.


After a long day of exploring Scotland’s cultural capital, you’ll need a place to relax with your dog, and for £105 a night you can have just that with an entire 2-bed Airbnb in the city centre.


This dog-friendly private hostel is the perfect place for a budget overnight stay in Kirkwall. For a bargain £47 per night, you can enjoy a double room for you and your four-legged friend. 

Royal Deeside Tourist Route

Adventure through stretches of green rolling hills and picturesque places on the Royal Deeside Tourist Route that road trips through Perth, Blairgowrie, Aboyne and Aberdeen. 

With an impressive score of 6.5 out of 10 for its walking routes and 6.3 for its canine inclusive Airbnb’s, you’ll be spoilt for choice on your trip. 


Take in the sights of the city on a 4.25-mile walk around the old streets of Perth where you can admire the unique architecture whilst your dog stretches their legs.


The Ardblair Trail and Bluebell Wood walk is a nice long 6-mile walk for you and your dog, where you can discover a carpet of blooming bluebells. 


This Airbnb in Aboyne is the ultimate doggy holiday destination. Costing £103 a night for a room, you can request doggy bowls, blankets, towels and treats to be provided, whilst enjoying great walks nearby and a dog-friendly cafe and pub nearby.


Stay in a contemporary, city-centre studio apartment that’s dog-friendly for a bargain £55 a night. It has a variety of shops and restaurants on your doorstep, so you can begin exploring the streets with your four-legged friend.

Heart 200

Road trip through the very heart of Scotland on this 200-mile tour of its dog-friendly destinations Perth, Stirling, The Trossachs and Cairngorms National Park. 

This route scored 23.4 out of 50 based on features like its amazing walking trails, making it the perfect road trip for you and your four-legged friend to experience lots of walks to remember. 


The Quarrymill Woodland Park is a maze of rivers, bridges and meandering pathways to explore, so your dog’s guaranteed to find lots of interesting sights and smells – maybe even some squirrels to chase.


Walk the famous Back Walk down Scotland’s oldest publicly maintained road, built between 1724 and 1791. Starting outside the Stirling Central Library, follow the winding path that leads up around Stirling Castle and then on to the Old Town.

The Trossachs

The Trossachs offers some of the best views in Scotland, with towering mountains and wild rivers, it’s the perfect place for a hike with your dog – just make sure to pack up a picnic for lunch with a view.

Cairngorms National Park

There’s no better dog walk than around the largest park in the UK! Take in the breathtaking views as you explore everything from the heritage trails and hill tracks to the shorter walking routes.

Mapping 10 most dog-friendly road trip destinations in Wales

Dog-friendly Welsh road trips

The Cambrian Way

Journey along the scenic coastlines and mountainous national parks of The Cambrian Way through Cardiff, Brecon, Beacons National Park, and Snowdonia – where dogs are more than welcome. 

Known for its dog-friendly restaurants and phenomenal walking routes, Wales scored 25.4 out of 50, making it a great location to holiday with your four-legged friend. 


Start off your trip in Cardiff with a visit to The Lansdowne Pub. The staff that work there are really friendly and will bring over a dog bowl and a few doggy treats from behind the bar.


If you’re looking for a peaceful place to relax with your pup, then The Hours Cafe and Bookshop is the perfect little spot. It has a dog-friendly table inside for you to sit at and plenty of books to browse.

Beacons National Park

The Beacons National Park has a variety of walking routes for you and your dog to complete, ranging from easy to more difficult. We recommend starting out on the grade 1 Craig y Nos Circular that will take you 1 hour 30 minutes.

Snowdonia National Park

If you and your four-legged friend enjoy a challenging hike, then Snowdonia National Park is a stop you cannot miss. Its breathtaking mountains and scenic views are extraordinary and if you climb to the summit of Wales’s highest mountain, you can look out across the sea to Ireland.

Cardiff to Tenby

Explore all that the dog-loving country of Wales has to offer on this scenic route through Cardiff, Hay-On-Wye and Tenby. 

Scoring 7.1 out of 10 for dog-friendly Airbnb’s, you can stay in some stunning locations with hosts that love dogs as their guests. 


For as little as £69 you can enjoy a spacious double room at an Airbnb in Cardiff city centre – you’d be ‘barking mad’ not to.


Enjoy an authentic Airbnb stay in a beautiful 200-year-old stone cottage, in the heart of Hay-On-Wye town. For £143 a night you get to enjoy the entire property to yourself, with 2 bedrooms and space for your dog to relax.


Tenby has plenty of dog-friendly Airbnb’s to choose from, including this cosy studio flat with parking for just £115 a night. It has a king-size bed, comfortable sofa bed and even a garden, for if your dog needs a little fresh air.

Dragon’s Spine

Road trip from coast to coast down the spine of Wales, stopping off at the pet-friendly places Cardiff, Llanidloes, Dolgellau and Conwy. 

With great walking trails and tourist spots to explore, it comes as no surprise that the dog-friendly destination scored a respectable 20.8 out of 50.


You can’t take your dog to Cardiff without a trip to Bute Park. Known as the “green heart” of Cardiff, it’s a great spot for a walk and really easy to find, being just a short walk away from the city centre and next to the famous Cardiff Castle.


The Clywedog Reservoir is a good place for a relaxing walk around the water with your dog. We recommend taking the Llyn Clywedog Scenic Trail that boasts breathtaking scenery and views of the dam.


If you fancy a bit of an adventure with your four-legged friend, the Mawddach Trail is one of the most scenic rambles from Dolgellau to Barmouth along the old, disused railway. The route is easy to follow and has plenty of spots to stop off at for toilet breaks and refreshments.


Conwy is one of the most well-preserved medieval towns with a Town Trail that lets you explore its walls and winding streets, with your dog by your side. Don’t forget to check out The Smallest House In Great Britain too!

Mapping Ireland’s 10 most dog-friendly road trip destinations

Dog-friendly irish road trips

Belfast to Bushmills

Take a tour of the stunning Northern Ireland and its most dog-loving destinations as you journey through Belfast, Ballycastle and Bushmills. 

 The road trip scored 5.7 out of 10 for dog-friendly attractions, making it the perfect route to sightsee with your four-legged friend by your side.


See Belfast in bloom at The Botanic Gardens that’s dog-friendly as long as your dog remains on a lead at all times. 


Visit Ballycastle Beach, a dog-friendly seaside for a stroll along the golden sand or a dip in the sea. However, if you’re travelling in the summer months dogs need to be kept under control and on a lead.


Giants Causeway is a tourist hotspot that welcomes four-legged friends with open arms. The National Trust attraction lets you explore the volcanic-eroded cliff tops, climbing over the 40,000 interlocking basalt columns with a view out over the North Atlantic Sea.

Belfast to Coleraine

This road trip, taking you from the bustling Belfast to the quieter town of Coleraine lets you explore the ‘canine catered for’ spots, you can take your four-legged friend. 

Scoring 21.2 out of 50, this road trip has dog-friendly Airbnbs, pet-friendly attractions and a variety of walks to explore through Belfast, Antrim, Portrush and Coleraine.


For a low-cost £52 a night, you can rent a 2-bed loft on Airbnb that can host up to 3 guests and your dog in East Belfast – and it’s only a 15-minute drive to the city centre.


Take a trip to the tourist attraction Antrim Castle Gardens, this hidden gem boasts 400-year-old gardens and what’s even better is dogs are welcome too, just as long as they’re kept on a lead. The large courtyard outside of the cafe is also a great rest stop where you can eat al fresco with your dog.


A wander down the West Strand Promenade is a great walk to take with your dog and a way to experience everything Portrush has to offer. There’s even designated dog walking areas on the beach, so there’ll be a chance to make a splash in the sea.


If you’re looking for a place to stay in Coleraine that accommodates you and your pooch, you can get a 3-bedroom bungalow on Airbnb for a bargain £84 a night.

Dublin to Galway

Discover Ireland’s thriving capital and picturesque harbour cities that put your pets first so that you can enjoy a dog-friendly road trip. 

Travelling from Dublin to Cork, to Galway, this trip scored 6.5 out of 10 for dog-friendly attractions and 6.3 for its range of walking trails.


St Stephen’s Green Park is a garden square in the centre of Dublin where you can take your pooch for a well-deserved walk or explore the grounds of Dublin Castle (but unfortunately inside is off-limits).


The Carrigaline-to-Crosshaven Greenway is a scenic 5km walk you can do with your dog along the coastal path of Cork Harbour – but make sure to plan your walks around the tide.


Another great island stroll to explore with your dog is on the tidal Omey Island, where you’ll have the chance to catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming among the rolling waves. Just make sure to check tidal times before you set off.

Mapping 10 most dog-friendly road trips in France

Dog-friendly French road trips

Paris to Nice

Is there anything your dog loves more than a good walk? Then there’s no better road trip to take than the pet-friendly Paris to Nice route, stopping at Lyon, Valence, Avignon and Marseille along the way. 

Voted 6.5 out of 10 for its dog-friendly walking trails, there’s plenty of parks, outdoor attractions and strolls to enjoy. 


The first stop on your road trip in the ‘city of love’ or the ‘city of parks’ in the dog world, should be the Bassins Du Champ De Mars. This large green space is a dog’s heaven and a great place to roam around.


In the dog-friendly city of Lyon, you can enjoy exploring the historic streets of Vieux Lyon that have an old traditional French atmosphere. This rich-in-culture location is also full of Lyon’s pet lovers, so you’re bound to get some pats on your walk. 


Fontaine Monumentale is a beautiful outdoor tourist attraction you can visit with your four-legged friend. Just remember to keep your dog on a lead, we know how tempting it is for them to make a splash.


The city centre of Avignon has 4 kilometres of medieval walls to explore, making for the perfect city walk for you and your dog to enjoy.


Stop by the pup-friendly, cultural landmark Palais Du Pharo that has a large park and gardens to wander around. It’s a great place to stretch your legs with your dog and it has spectacular views of both the sea and the city. 


If you’re looking for a coastal walk to do with your dog in Nice, then the Site de la Lanterne is a must. The pebble beach is completely dog-friendly, meaning they can even enjoy a ‘doggy paddle’.

Alsace Wine Route

Adventure along the Alsace Wine Route,  experiencing the very best of France and enjoying fine wine with your four-legged friend by your side. 

Scoring 8.5 out of 10 for dog-friendly Airbnb’s and 5.2 for restaurants, there’s plenty of places to dine and stay with your dog on the route through Mulhouse, Colmar and Strasbourg. 


Rent a 1-bed Airbnb in the historic centre of Mulhouse for just £51 a night. Located just 50m from Reunion Square, you can grab a bottle of local wine to enjoy for a relaxing night in with your four-legged friend. 


Stay in the charming, old town of Colmar that’s close to the city centre for just £103 a night. The apartment is on the first floor of a beautiful Alsatian house, providing a 3-bed apartment that can host up to 6 guests.


Make a stop at the dog-friendly restaurant Argentoratum in Strasbourg that has outside seating where your dog can join you. It has a selection of traditional French dishes to enjoy and a variety of fine wines to accompany them.


Explore the stunning scenery of Southern France on a road trip through the Occitanie, stopping at destinations that favour your four-legged friend. 

With a score of 25.2 out of 50 for elements like dog-friendly restaurants, walking trails and dog-accommodating Airbnb’s, there’s plenty to see and do on your visits to Lyon, Sainte Croix du Verdon, Aups, Aix-en-Provence, Cassis, Béziers, Carcassonne and Toulouse.


Le Kitchen Cafe is a popular spot to stop for a freshly baked pastry or cake with your dog. It has an outdoor covered seating area, where you can pull up a table and enjoy your baked goods.

Sainte Croix du Verdon 

If you’re looking for an easy hike to conquer with your dog in Sainte Croix du Verdon, try the easily accessible walking route from Vue Sur Les Gorges du Verdon.


Stay in Aups in an independent annexe that sleeps 4 guests for £120 a night. The pet-friendly Airbnb includes a pool, terrace with a barbecue, table tennis table, pitch with net for volleyball or badminton and plenty of space for your dog to roam around freely.


The Pavillon Vendôme is a historic pavilion surrounded by a formal French garden and grounds, making it the perfect dog-friendly destination to explore.


The beautiful little hole in the wall, Le Patio, is a traditional French restaurant that serves authentic food and has an outdoor patio space for you to enjoy your dinner with your dog accompanying you. 


For £57 a night you can rent a dog-friendly, modern-styled Airbnb in Béziers that has 1 bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room to accommodate four guests and your dog.  


Walk the bankside trail along the 240km Canal du Midi in Southern France. Lined with trees and canal boats, the pet-friendly walk will provide lots to explore and picturesque views.


Finish your trip to Toulouse with a visit to Les 4 Z’arts. The colourful and eclectic restaurant serves up a French/European menu and has friendly staff that will welcome your four-legged friend and have a water bowl at the ready.

Mapping 10 most dog-friendly road trips in Germany

Dog-friendly German road trips

River Rhine

Immerse yourself in all that the ‘beer and dog-loving country’ of Germany has to offer on this road trip along the River Rhine, stopping at Frankfurt, Cologne, Boppard, Heidelberg and Rothenburg.

The route scored 25.5 out of 50 for how dog accommodating it is, with elements like dog-friendly Airbnb’s, restaurants and good walking trails scoring the highest. 


The first stop on your list has to be Grüneburg park (every dog’s dream). The large green space and winding paths make for an exciting walk with plenty of land to explore. 


Taking your dog to a German brewhouse is a must in Cologne and Haus Sholzen is the perfect dog-friendly bar for it!


Cafe Zeitgeist is a pet-friendly cafe located in the oldest house in Boppard and has a shaded seating area out front for you and your dog to enjoy. There’s a selection of freshly baked cakes and pastries to choose from and of course a water bowl for your dog.


If you’re looking to treat you and your dog to a little luxury, you can stay in an Airbnb with a direct view of the famous Heidelberg castle for £142 a night. The 1 bedroom apartment has 3 balconies to relax on and take in the views. 


The Rothenburg City Wall walking tour is a great way to explore the city’s history and take your dog for a relaxed 2-mile walk.  

Munich to Nuremberg

From Bavaria’s capital to Germany’s hidden gems, this route takes you through the pet-friendly places of Munich, Füssen, Augsburg, Rothenburg and Nuremberg.

With a rating of 7.0 out of 10 for its walking trails and 5.5 for its dog-friendly restaurants, finish off a day of exploring with a dinner for two with your four-legged friend. 


On your jaunt through Munich, you have to take your dog for a walk around the English Garden in the centre of Munich. Since 1789, it’s one of the largest urban parks in the world (so there’s plenty of open space to run). 


Alatsee Lake is a place of natural beauty and a great walking trail to conquer with your four-legged friend. The walk around the water is extremely peaceful and provides breathtaking views of the mountains. 


For traditional Bavarian food and a dog-friendly restaurant/bar, make sure to visit Ratskeller in Augsburg. The waiting staff are extremely friendly and make you and your dog feel very welcome here.  


Traditional German soups, tasty burgers and dog-friendly inside – does it get much better? Der Reichsküchenmeister restaurant in Rothenburg is a must on your to-do list. 


For a walk around the city of Nuremberg with your dog, it doesn’t get more magical than a day in the old town. Uncovering the city’s rich history at every twist and turn, enjoy exploring the city’s walls, stunning bridges over the river and views of the 1000-year-old castle. 

Southern Germany

Discover some of Germany’s most picturesque spots and pup-friendly places on your road trip through Southern Germany, stopping at Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Freiburg, Lindau, Berchtesgaden and Munich.  

Scoring 7.8 out of 10 for its range of walking trails and 6.4 for a dog-friendly place for them to rest their paws at the end of a long day, you and your dog will love exploring this route. 


Stay the night in Frankfurt in a 2 bedroom Airbnb that has a central location, scenic views of the River Main and plenty of space for your dog, all for just £162 a night. 


The Philosopher’s Walk in Heidelberg not only lets you take in the breathtaking views of the city but it makes for a great dog walk through the forest too. 


For £84 a night in Freiburg, you can enjoy a 1-room, 2-bed apartment on the 2nd floor in a renovated and restored 16th-century townhouse on a quiet street, 250m from the upper market. 


Take your dog for a walk along the lake of Lindau, where you can admire the stunning sea views and the popular tourist attraction of the Lighthouse and Bavarian Lion Sculpture. 


The Wimbachtal trail is one for the to-do list with dense forests, green meadows and aquamarine lakes for you and your dog to explore. The trail is 8.5km taking approximately 2-3 hours to complete and only has slight and gradual inclines along the route.  


Stay in the heart of Munich in a dog-friendly, studio apartment for £157 a night. The Airbnb’s in Munich are known for their contemporary design and is the best location for exploring with your four-legged friend.

Planning a road trip with your dog but not sure where to start? 

There is never a good time for your pup to get poorly, but it can happen at any time, even on holiday. All of the suggested road trips in our research have plenty of vets you can visit along the way, but it’s important to do your research before you set off. 

Road trips should be a fun-filled time for all of the family, so we asked Head Vet Sean to give us some top tips before you head out on the open road. 

Planning your dog-friendly road trip

Vaccines and passports – One of the most important things to do when you start planning your trip is to get a passport for your dog (that’s right a doggy passport). Every European country issues this document, which contains your pet’s vaccines and information – you can normally get one at the vet. Also, make sure that your dog’s vaccines are up to date in order to avoid any nasty surprises or trips to the vets on your travels.  

Budgeting for extra costs – even with pet-friendly Airbnb’s, you might be asked to pay a small fee to have your dog stay with you. Ensure you find out ahead of time when you book, and budget accordingly. 

Getting there…

Take a long walk before you set off – perfect for a last-minute toilet break and to tire them out for the journey ahead. 

Seatbelt /Pet Car Seat: The Highway Code requires dogs to be suitably restrained for both your safety and theirs. The simplest way to do this is a dog seatbelt or a pet car seat which will offer protection should you have to brake suddenly. 

Along the way: Plan your rest stops along the way. Many motorway service stations will have a grassy area for you both to stretch your legs. 

On the road…

Schedule rest breaks: Depending on your dog, it’s worth scheduling a rest break every two hours to let you stretch your legs (and paws) and relieve yourselves. All of our road trip suggestions have plenty of dog-friendly trails along the way to make sure to stop off for a fun-filled break. 

What to Pack…

Food: Remember to pack a plentiful supply of your dog’s favourite food. Dry kibble dog food is perfect if you’re camping or staying somewhere without a fridge.

Treats and Toys: Don’t forget to take plenty of their favourite treats and toys, especially if you’re planning on visiting a dog-friendly pub and need to keep them entertained. For a beach holiday, check to see if your toys float! 

Portable water bottle and bowl: Keep a bottle of fresh water in your bag and a portable bowl, just in case. 

Towels, blankets and bedding: Pack plenty of fluffy towels (for sandy or wet fur), comfortable blankets (to make them feel safe and warm), and take their bed so they feel at home. 

Tether spiral and long lead: Perfect for keeping your dog safe if you are camping or visiting the beach.

Poo bags: Keep them attached to the lead so you have them with you, wherever you go. 

Raincoat and cooling jacket: British summers can be incredibly warm, but they can also be incredibly wet, too. Pack for all eventualities with a raincoat and cooling jacket to keep your pooch comfortable whatever the weather. 

Safety First… 

Number for a local vet: Make a note of the contact details for a local vet, just in case you need them whilst you’re away from home.  

Pet first aid kit: Many of the items in a human first aid kit cross over with a pet first aid kit. Sensitive sun cream and tweezers are also great to include. 

ID Tags: Many dog-friendly Airbnb’s now include temporary ID tags to attach to your dog’s collar when you’re away, in case they get lost. If not, it could be worth including your mobile phone number on your usual tag, so you can be contacted straight away. 


Each road trip stop was scored against five dog-friendly factors with a maximum score of 10 out of a total of 50, all road trips were scored based on the average stop score.

Using seed lists from a range of reputable sources (listed below) the research team at tails.com generated a list of the most popular road trips*, and noted the main road trip stopping points along the route, ranking them on five dog-friendly factors.  

Road trip destinations: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Finland, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Sardinia. 

The 5 factors used for each stop**

  • Dog-friendly Airbnbs
  • Vets within 2km of each stop
  • Dog-friendly restaurants near stop
  • Dog-friendly activities near stop
  • Walking trails near stop

*Road trip seed lists:

**Some road trips were modified to fit dog friendly demands

Please ensure you check local rules and regulations before you travel internationally and within the UK – more information on this can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/local-covid-alert-levels-what-you-need-to-know 

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