Can dogs eat eggs?

In the southern states of the US, there’s a name for someone who has a habit they can’t break; an egg-sucking dog. This comes from farmers who would often find their dogs returning to their hen-houses time and again to eat eggs, leaving the broken shell behind as if they’d sucked out the insides. So we can take it from this that there’s a long history of dogs enjoying eating eggs, but should they eat eggs? In this post, we’ll tell you what you need to know about treating your dogs to the occasional egg.

Cook it well and safely

You can indeed treat your dog to the occasional egg as part of their diet (provided its within their calorie count of course). But how best to serve it? Unlike the apocryphal egg-sucking dog we were just talking about, raw eggs are not a good idea in the same way they aren’t particularly safe for us humans. Raw eggs can include salmonella and we certainly don’t want our dogs getting any of that.

Instead, if you are going to treat your dog to an egg, make sure it’s a healthier option. Friend eggs are not a good idea as this will come with a lot of grease which is not good for a pooch’s weight or digestive system. But a poached egg, or a hard boiled egg can make an excellent treat (though be sure to place it in their bowl – a dog eating an egg can get a bit messy.

Anything else to consider?

Avoid prepared eggs such as juegos rancheros, devilled eggs, or pickled eggs as you can never be too sure what else has gone into the recipe (and even if you can, some of those ingredients won’t be good for your dog). Also, try to feed your dog eggs from grain-fed, free range chickens. Not only does this mean the eggs have come from happier hens, but also that it will be packed full of more nutrients.

And what nutrients! Eggs are bursting with rich proteins, fatty acids and even vitamins that will do your dog plenty of good. But with that being said, these should still only be an occasional treat, and if you find your dog doesn’t react well to them, consult your vet as to why that might be. All being said though, eggs can certainly play a part in your dog’s healthy diet.

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