Can dogs eat eggs?

Remember the #DogEggChallenge on TikTok? Owners would place an egg in a dog’s mouth to see if they’d break it or not – with varying results!

The challenge went viral and led to many of us asking –  is it safe to give dogs raw eggs? And we’re not just thinking about the carpet…

 In this post, we’ll tell you all you need to know about how your dog can enjoy eggs safely.  

Cook it well and safely

Every dog is different, which is why we create tailor-made kibble blends, alongside a personalised feeding plan (which has a full calorie count). As long as it’s within their calorie allowance, you can absolutely feed your dog cooked eggs. They’re high in protein, fatty acids and vitamins, and so make a tasty, healthy treat for your dog – although vets usually advise you don’t give them more than one a day. 

Bear in mind too, that a medium egg has around 150 calories, which for a small dog will constitute a large part of their daily suggested intake. 

What the TikTok challengers might be surprised to learn that is most vets would advise that dogs should never eat their eggs raw. Raw eggs contain salmonella, which is just as much of a risk for dogs as it is for humans.

Fried eggs, although better than raw, are still not a good idea. The high level of grease won’t do any favours to your dog’s weight or digestion.

Poached or hard-boiled eggs, however, are the perfect way for your dog to enjoy its eggs – just make sure to put a towel down, as a dog eating an egg can get messy. 

What about the shells?

Dogs can eat eggshells and they’re high in calcium, so don’t worry if they get their paws on some.

However, it’s best not to make a habit of feeding eggshells to your dog, as adding extra supplements and additional minerals to your dog’s diet regularly can interfere with the balance of their diet. Especially if they are on a tailor-made food plan!

Anything else to consider?

Avoid pre-prepared eggs such as huevos rancheros, devilled eggs, or pickled eggs, as some of their added ingredients could be bad for your dog. And remember, the better the egg, the better it will be for your dog, so consider feeding them eggs from grain-fed, free-range chickens. Not only does this mean the eggs have come from happier hens, but they will also be packed even more full of those amazing nutrients.

Although eggs can be a healthy addition to a dog’s diet, all dogs are different – so if your dog doesn’t respond well to eating eggs, please speak to your vet.

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