Can dogs get pimples?

It’s always the way, isn’t it? When you want to look your best, a pimple suddenly appears. Dogs like to look good too of course, but the question we’re asking today is this: can dogs get pimples?

Zit, Fido, zit!

While your dog almost certainly doesn’t look in the mirror just before a big trip to the park and think “oh no, a zit!”, they can in fact get pimples, and several other skin conditions that would be recognisable to us humans. Your dog’s skin is covered in follicles just like ours, and they perform a similar function in that they produce oils to keep their fur and skin moisturised and healthy. And just like our follicles, fur follicles can get all blocked up with grime and grease, and this is what causes pimples. If your dog does get pimples, you’ll likely only see them around the groin, belly and muzzle where the fur is the thinnest.

In the same way that we don’t really need any help with our pimples (aside from a thumb, a forefinger, and a mirror) dogs are usually fine looking after their own blemishes without interference. If you do notice your dog getting irritated with their pimples, and therefore irritating their skin, consult your vet. There are lots of ointments and unguents out there that can help to relieve the pain and itching.

Other irritations 

As mentioned, dogs can suffer from lots of conditions that humans can suffer from too. For example, dogs can get dandruff, and yes, they have their own medicated shampoo to help it – please don’t use human dandruff shampoo, or any human healthcare or medical products on your dogs as this can cause them a lot of issues. Puppies can be prone to impetigo, yeast infections can affect dogs of all ages, and canine Lupus exists too. Whatever the case, if you suspect your dog is suffering, or if you notice any signs of irritation on their skin, you need to get hold of a vet and they’ll be able to diagnose and treat your pooch.

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