Do dogs like belly rubs?

You’re sat on the sofa watching a brand new boxset of an evening. Your dog pads into the room and hops up next to you before rolling onto its back and getting comfy. Instinctively, your hand reaches over as you continue to stare at the tv, and you give your dog a belly rub. This is a scene playing out across the world right now, and in today’s post, we’re going to answer the question – does your dog like belly rubs?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! (probably)

Both owners and dogs alike will be happy to hear us confirm that yes, on the whole, dogs do enjoy a good belly rub. Why are our four legged friends so fond of a good tummy tickle? Because it feels great to them! It’s also a sign of the trust they put in you – a dog will only expose their belly like this when they are feeling happy and safe because it makes them quite vulnerable and having your reassuring hand rub their bellies and chests makes them feel good.

There are some exceptions to this rule though and it’s worth covering those quickly. Some dogs might have injuries or another source of pain in that area and so will not take kindly to a belly rub. Other dogs can lead very hard lives and find it difficult to trust humans so it may take them a very long time to show you this sort of trust (which has to be earned). By and large though, dogs love nothing more than a good belly rub because it feels great as far as they’re concerned.

As far as other animals are concerned, it’s worth pointing out that many of our four-legged friends enjoy a belly rub. Cats though are not as welcoming as dogs and for about half of them, the only reason they would allow you close to their belly is so that they can bring all four of their sets of claws (and their teeth) to bear on your arm. Approach with caution.

So carry on rewarding your dog’s trust with belly rubs, and if you want to reward their good behaviour too, we have a great range of dog treats for them to enjoy just as much.

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