Can dogs eat pigs in blankets?

There are some things that we include in our Christmas lunches that many wish we could enjoy all year round, and pigs in blankets are very high on many people’s lists. Those delicious little sausages, wrapped in wonderful streaky bacon create an aroma that warms the home and the soul as they are cooked up on Christmas day and enjoyed by all at dinner time. But should you allow your dog the chance to enjoy these wonderful pork treats as well? Let’s take a look.

No pigging out

Many of you may be thinking that given that these magical morsels are made of pork, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with giving one or two to your dog. Well, while pork can make a fine treat for any four-legged friend, it has to be lean pork or else your dog could develop weight issues if they indulge too much or too often. And lean pork these ain’t.

Pigs in blankets are kept as a yearly treat for us humans because they are just about the most unhealthy thing you can consume that’s made of pork. They are very, very fattening and this is another reason why you’ll rarely see them ever being made with a full sized sausage – chipolatas can even seem a bit decadent and so cocktail sausages are more typically the norm. Too much fat can cause all sorts of issues for dogs, from weight gain to pancreatitis, and none of that is fun to deal with.

What’s more, pigs in blankets are so delicious because they are usually very, very salty, and this is something else that you should always look out for in your dog’s diet. Too much salt and you may be dealing with anything from vomiting or diarrhoea, to seizures. 

So while your dog will undoubtedly continue to give you those pleading eyes as you pop a blanketed pig into your mouth, know that you are saving them and sacrificing your waistline to keep them safe. To ensure you keep them at the highest level of safeness, we recommend you eat all of them just so that there’s no chance of your dog getting hold of one later. Go on, have another.

If you do want to give your dog something different and delicious to enjoy this festive season, why not treat them to some of our wet food and meaty pates? These can make a great change for any dog used to dry food, and it might keep them from staring at your meal for a little longer.

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  1. I’m just about to let Elu try some special food for her upset tum. So when I read this info about what to avoid for any dogs stomach it was a great help,
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