Can dogs eat Brussels sprouts?

Love ’em or hate ’em, sprouts are synonymous with Christmas dinner. Whether you like yours plain, with bacon and chestnuts, or kept at arm’s length, there’s no doubt these vitamin-packed greens will make an appearance at the table.

But the question is – can dogs eat Brussels sprouts?

Good news for sprout haters

Yep, dogs can eat Brussels sprouts! So for the anti-sprout brigade, keep them to one side and mash them into your dog’s kibble for a festive treat.

Just remember to avoid any butter, oil or fat when serving them to your dog – and try to steer clear of bacon and chestnuts as although they’re not dangerous for dogs, they are high in fat so should be saved as an occasional treat.

Cabbage and broccoli too

Sprouts are part of the Cruciferous family of vegetables – along with cabbage and broccoli, which are also safe for dogs to eat. It might be a good idea to keep portions of these vegetables small if you want to avoid a gassy dog, though!

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