Are Christmas trees dangerous for dogs?

There’s an estimated 6 – 8 million Christmas trees sold in the UK every year. They may elicit ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the whole family…but are Christmas trees dangerous for dogs?

While they may not understand why a tree they can’t pee on has appeared, our dogs are increasingly participating in festive traditions. In fact, dogs will be enjoying their own advent calendars, stocking fillers and Goodies box under the tree (if they are very lucky).

But are real Christmas trees dangerous for dogs? What about plastic trees? And do we need to think about dog-safe Christmas tree decorations? Let’s find out…

Are real Christmas trees dangerous for dogs?

Many owners worry that Christmas trees could be poisonous or toxic to dogs. So you’ll be happy to hear that all the common types – fir, spruce and pine – are non-toxic to dogs.

However, do a regular sweep or hoover of the pine needles it will invariably drop. Not only does this mean that you’re safe to walk around your own home in socks and no shoes, but pine needles aren’t very good for your dog’s digestive system. They can cause cuts in the mouth and throat and they don’t do much good when they come out the other end either…

Other than that little caveat though, real Christmas trees are absolutely fine to have in your dog-friendly home!

What about fake trees?

Plastic trees mean you avoid those pesky pine needles, which is a plus.

However, you’ll still want to supervise your dog around a plastic tree as these can be tempting to chew on – especially for young teething dogs. For top tips on destructive chewing, you can check out resident behaviourist Carolyn’s helpful tips here.

If you do find your dog has ravaged a branch or two, a trip to the vet is probably worth it as they may have swallowed some of the plastic which, unsurprisingly, won’t be digested very well at all.

Dog-friendly Christmas tree bonus tips:

  • Supervise – it’s best not to leave your dog alone with any tree for hours on end, so make sure it’s in a space they can’t reach when you are out.
  • Dog-safe Christmas tree decorations – if you can, avoid glass baubles which could lead to unwanted vet visits if they break.
  • Chocolate – Make sure any chocolate decorations are high enough that your dog can’t reach them.
  • Lights – make sure there’s no chance of your dog wrapping themselves in the lead for the lights and bringing the tree down on top of themselves.

Get ready to celebrate Christmas with your dog!

Once you’ve got a safe tree it’s time to party! Enjoy the magic of a Christmas tree in your home, with your dog, with no worries. Well, except for what to put under the tree for them to open when it’s present time of course…

Fear not – our Christmas range has you covered. From enriching stocking fillers to a squeaky cheeky Jack Brussel toy, and their Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar. We’ve got everything they need to help them feel merry and bright this season.

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