Dog zodiac signs – is it written in the (dog) stars?

There are few people – whether they believe in astrology or not – who don’t glance at their horoscope if they find a page of star signs! But have you ever found yourself wondering about dog zodiac signs as well as your own?

If not, here goes with some star signs for your pup, because when it comes to dog zodiac signs, you might recognise yours amongst these…


The first sign of the zodiac and the embodiment of a fire sign: brave, enthusiastic and spontaneous. They can also often be temperamental and reactive.

Sounds like a typical terrier – whatever month they were born in. Sounds like your dog? You’re going to have to think just as fast as they do to keep them happy and out of mischief!


The first earth sign of the zodiac and these are the dogs who ‘keep it real’. While loyal and stable, Taureans can be passionate collectors and a little ‘bull in a china shop’ about life.

A bit like the typical Labrador, who will join in with everything with (over!) enthusiasm! But may have to be taught how to swap their prized possessions for something even better so they don’t think they’re worth guarding.


The air signs are all about ideas, motion and floating above the more practical guys. Being the sign of the twins, however, these dogs have two sides to their personalities that aren’t always obvious.

Think of the Poodle as an example. They may look like supermodels, but underneath those curls beats the heart of an intelligent working dog who needs enrichment, stimulation and training to reach their incredible potential.


The water signs are all about the senses and the emotions, and for the Cancerean, that is focused on their home and family.

These are the nurturers of the dog world – and like the companion dog breeds, can find being separated from their loved ones especially difficult.


With the passionate and loyal heart of a lion, these are dynamic and temperamental leaders who work on their own initiative. This sign embodies the large guardian breeds like the massive Leonberger or the livestock guarding breeds of Europe and Asia.

Powerful and protective, these dogs need early and ongoing socialisation and management to ensure they know friend from foe.


Practical and responsible are Virgo words. The Virgo loves helping others, notices (and remembers) everything, and is quick and alert. But can be over-critical and have a hard time relaxing.

Sounds to me like the hardworking Border Collie. And just like the typical Virgo, they need a job where they are appreciated and can use their brains.


While this is another air sign, Librans weigh up their thoughts and ideas before putting them into action. They are natural peacemakers and diplomats who hate conflict or confrontation and are at their happiest surrounded by friends, family and co-workers.

In many ways they are like the ever-smiling Beagle, who loves working in harmony with their pack, takes time to find the very best scent, and then follows it with glee. If you’ve ever tried to train one, you might think they aren’t very smart – but give them a trail to follow and they’re unbeatable.


With their intense gaze and hidden depths, this is perhaps the most mysterious sign of the zodiac. The Scorpio is all about complexity, almost telepathic intuition and control – oh and jealousy! They are also loyal and devoted, and while they have plenty of acquaintances, they trust few.

A Scorpio dog will certainly keep you on your toes. They may not be interested in other dogs or other people – just you. These are the dogs that will want to go everywhere with you, will be at your side at all times and will change your life – whether you wanted it changing or not!


The last of the fire signs, the Sagittarian is adaptable, flexible, but still fiery. They are extroverts with a well-developed sense of humour, an optimistic and enthusiastic view of life, who make steadfast and loyal friends.

In many ways they’re like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, while often under-estimated as a bit of a couch potato, in reality they’re a canine athlete capable of taking part in any dog sport you may choose. Plus, they love their family and life with equal measure.


Practicality, materialism and caution are often the words used to describe the last earth sign in the zodiac. But the flip side of that is hardworking, trustworthy, dependable and loyal.

This is almost the perfect description of most of the gundog group. Just like the ambitious and driven Capricorn, these dogs need a job to do to keep them happy and healthy – and prevent them putting on a few kilos…!


Creativity, quirkiness and rebelliousness are key parts of the Aquarius personality. The last of the water signs is often very much an independent-thinking free-spirit.

They’re very similar to some of the sighthound breeds – especially the glamorous, friendly but ‘creatively-obedient’ Saluki – who like the Aquarian, need an owner who appreciates and enjoys their unconventional view of training!


The last sign of the zodiac is the compassionate and impressionable Pisces. This final water sign is often ultra-sensitive and emotional – even if they hide it well. Not to mention, trusting, generous and has a strong need to please.

Their traits, in some ways, reflect dogs like the German Shepherd, who may try to look tough, but hide a deeply sensitive nature. They will bond deeply to their owners, but need sensitive handling and plenty of socialisation to build their confidence.

Disclaimer: even the best astrologist will say personality is made up from a whole chart, not just a sun sign. For dog zodiac signs, this is even more true.

Every dog is different. If you see some astrological traits from any of the above in your dog, it’s likely coincidence rather than having anything to do with your dog’s star sign.

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