Burns Night Neeps and Tatties – for dogs!

Use up those leftovers and involve your dog in the fun of Burns Night with this delicious neeps and tatties recipe. A dog-friendly take on a traditional Burns Supper, perfect for adding to a LickiMat. 

Ingredients for Burns Night Neeps and Tatties for dogs


  • 50g swede
  • 50g sweet potato
  • 1 pack of Butcher’s Cuts with Beef & Tripe Wet food 


  1. Peel the swede and sweet potato. 
  2. Boil or steam them until nice and soft.
  3. Once cool, mash them together with your dog’s daily portion of  Butcher’s Cuts wet food.
  4. Spread onto a LickiMat for a rainy day occupier, or serve on top of your dog’s tailor-made kibble as a tasty topper.

Don’t forget to adjust your dog’s daily food intake a little to allow for this special treat! 

Bear the dog enjoying his Burns Night Neeps and Tatties

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1 thought on “Burns Night Neeps and Tatties – for dogs!”

  1. Burns Night is a Scottish holiday celebrating the life and poetry of Robert Burns. One of the traditional dishes served on this holiday is “neeps and tatties,” which is made with mashed turnips (neeps) and potatoes (tatties). It is a great idea to make a homemade dog-friendly version of this dish to share with your furry friend.


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