Do dogs get jealous?

do dogs get jealous

Green is not a natural colour when it comes to dogs. We may have Black Labs, Red Setters, Golden Retrievers and even Greyhounds, but there isn’t anything green. In fact, there’s only a single species of mammal that is naturally green in colour – a type of sloth who moves so slowly that moss grows … Read more

Why do dogs sigh?

olive lies in the garden looking content

Picture the scene – you’re staring out of your window at a world full of opportunity that has been sunny and bright all week, but now it’s bathed in dark clouds and rain. The temperature has dropped, and despite wanting to take your dog for a big hike all week, it appears the moment has … Read more

Do dogs dream?

do dogs dream?

Many a dog owner has witnessed it. On a quiet evening, after our four-legged friends have exhausted themselves, they’ll flop down to sleep. But at some point, they might start growling softly, or making a running motion with their legs. Are they chasing rabbits in their sleep? Or are giant rabbits chasing them? These questions … Read more

Why do my dog’s ears go down?

Blue the Lurcher in a jumper

When it comes to expressions and facial body-language cues, dogs can often be more expressive than us humans. Even though we humans have a wider range of emotions, a dog’s big eyes, wide mouth and long ears seem to convey more somehow. But what does it mean when a dog’s ears go flat back down … Read more

Why do dogs like squeaky toys?

why do dogs like squeaky toys

There’s nothing quite like seeing a dog’s butt wiggle and tail wag when presented with a new toy to play with. For many dogs though, the true delight comes when they discover that the toy has a squeaker. The house is filled with the noise of the squeaky toy being chomped on, and hours, or … Read more

Do dogs like belly rubs?

do dogs like belly rubs

You’re sat on the sofa watching a brand new boxset of an evening. Your dog pads into the room and hops up next to you before rolling onto its back and getting comfy. Instinctively, your hand reaches over as you continue to stare at the tv, and you give your dog a belly rub. This … Read more

Why do dogs like balls so much?

why do dogs like balls so much

There’s nothing like a ball to get the tail wagging, is there? Whether heading out on a long hike, or just going down to the local park, a good ball is the must-have accessory for every dog. When you produce a ball from your pocket, your dog’s eyes will light up as they know this … Read more

Why do dogs follow you to the toilet?

puppy food

When we visit the toilet, many of us look forward to a brief moment of alone time in a world that never seems to slow down. We like to take five minutes to scroll through social media, read the news, and just relax for a fleeting moment in solitude. Dog owners though, rarely get this … Read more

Skills for life…

training your dog

Carolyn Menteith is a behaviourist at with over 25 years of experience working with and training dogs. Most people know that a key part of dog-owning is making sure their dog is well trained. They know it is important – because everyone tells them it is – but even so, a staggering 80% of … Read more

Do dogs hate cats?

why do dogs hate cats

There’s one great rivalry that dates back further than any of us can remember. There are probably pictures of this rivalry painted on cave walls somewhere dating back thousands of years, just waiting to be discovered. It’s given us sayings, cartoons, metaphors and so much more, but is there any truth to it? Do dogs … Read more