How to keep your working dog active

Border Collie lying down on grass with tongue out

There’s plenty written about finding the perfect breed that will fit into your life – with 222 to choose from along with a whole host of mixed and cross breeds – but at its heart (and this is all about love and relationships), this comes down to a very simple choice. Is your chosen breed … Read more

How to introduce your dog to a new partner

White dog lying on bed staring into camera, couple out of focus and smiling in the background

After the madness of the festive season and bleakness of January, our thoughts turn to spring and, as Valentine’s Day looms, thoughts of love. But how do you introduce your dog to a new partner? There’s no doubt it’s a jungle out there. But hopefully with a bit of hard work and by kissing a … Read more

Canine Christmas Code

Norwegian Buhund lying down happily in front of Christmas joy sign

For us, Christmas is usually a happy time full of love, laughter and happiness – but for our dogs the holiday season can often be a time of unpredictability, change and stress that causes much more anxiety than it does festive cheer. And that can come with a dangerous fallout. It’s no coincidence that the … Read more

How Cold is Too Cold to Walk Your Dog?

Husky with closed eyes. snowflakes falling around

The age old question – how cold is too cold to walk your dog? I wish I could give you an easy answer to this question! One of those “when the temperature is ** degrees, stay inside, wrap up and curl up and watch films instead” answers… But it isn’t anywhere near as straightforward as … Read more

What are the signs your dog loves you?

Dog rest head on owner's leg on sofa

Love is one of those strange things that you recognise when you see it but can’t really put your finger on describing exactly what it is… It’s just a ‘feeling’. A feeling of belonging, of security, of the world being a better place when you are with your beloved, and of knowing in your heart … Read more