Why does my dog rub their bum on the floor?

why does my dog rub their bum on the floor

While it may initially be a bit of a comic sight, seeing your dog dragging its bottom across the floor, doing that little scoot along with its hind legs in the air, it may not prove funny in the long run. Why does your dog rub its bum on the floor and is this actually … Read more

Why does my dog take food out of their bowl to eat it?

why does my dog take food out of their bowl to eat

We go to all of that trouble to set our dog’s place for dinner, cleaning their bowl, filling their water, giving them just the right amount of nutritious food… If we could, we’d put a sprig of parsley on top! But some dogs will take that food from their bowl, place it on the floor, … Read more

Why does my dog lick me?

why does my dog lick me

While not everyone is a fan of that great slobbery tongue greeting us when we return to the house, dog owners are not only used to it, but most know it for what it truly is – a sign of affection. A dog licking you is part of their love language and in this short … Read more

Why does my dog bark at the postman?

why does my dog bark at the postman

It’s a function dogs perform that can be almost as good as an alarm clock really. Each morning, at a time determined by his route, the postman will visit, and in many doggy homes, this is followed almost immediately by a loud and frenzied session of barking. It may be a cliche, but many dogs … Read more

You are what you eat

feeding tips for dogs

Carolyn Menteith is a behaviourist at tails.com with over 25 years of experience working with and training dogs. Along with all the other titles we can throw at it, last year can certainly go down as the Year of the Junk Food. Lockdown boredom had us all comfort eating and the average person is (apparently) … Read more

Antisocial dog behaviour: what to do and how to prevent it

In the past 2 years, almost half of the UK’s dogs have been threatened by another dog in a public space*, according to a recent survey we conducted. With 2.1 million people adding a dog to their family during lockdown**, public spaces are busier than ever and a third of people surveyed thought that the … Read more

“Help – I think I have a canine hooligan!”

how to stop bad dog behaviour

There comes a time in most dog owner’s lives when they worry about their dog’s behaviour. Most usually it is when they become a teenager and they stop being a cute and cuddly puppy who loves everyone, and they start to look at life as an inexperienced and hormonal adult! There is a good reason … Read more

Dog 101 for parents and children

dog 101 for parents and children

The numbers of dogs in the UK have soared since lockdown, and now it is estimated that there are 12.5 million dogs in the country, with a third of all households owning at least one.  This means that all children will come into contact with dogs at some time – whether at home, when visiting … Read more


carolyn column

With almost half of owners saying that their dog has been threatened by another dog when out on a walk – and an equal number saying their dog has been barked at, growled at, or bitten by another dog*, there is no doubt that there is a problem when it comes to canine social interactions. … Read more

How do I know if my dog loves me?

how do you know if your dog loves you

We really don’t deserve the love that dogs are able to offer us. There’s nothing like coming home from a hard day at work, or watching your favourite sports team lose, and having this tail-wagging bundle of fun and energy laud our arrival like a returning hero. It’s absolutely worth all the dander and slobber … Read more