9 Irish dog breeds

Our favourite thing about the Emerald Isle is its variety of dog breeds. The Irish word for dog is ‘madra’ and here are the 9 madraí that call Ireland their home.

Meet: The Bichon Frise

Did you know that Bichon Frise means ‘curly lap dog’ in French? Read Lucy Walker’s post about the charming breed’s history, characteristics and more.

Meet: The German Shorthaired Pointer

Friendly, adventurous and fun loving, the German Shorthaired pointer jumps into every new situation with an infectious enthusiasm. This dog is loyal and loving toward his family, and enjoys the company of people and children. The German Shorthaired pointer was recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1930. Although the history of this breed is … Read more

Meet: The Pomeranian

For this month’s breed post we have the small and lovable Pomeranian. Nicknamed ‘the little dog who thinks he can’, this dog may be compact but don’t be fooled, he has a huge personality and lust for life. The Pomeranian is the smallest member of the Spitz family, the largest being the German Spitz. Before … Read more

Breed Post: Corgi

It’s soon to be the Queen’s Jubilee, so we thought it would be a very appropriate time to celebrate the wonderful corgi breed.   A happy-go-lucky, intelligent and loving little dog, corgis are certainly a special and charming breed that warms people’s hearts. There are two different types of corgi, the Cardigan and the Pembroke. … Read more

Breed Post: Dalmatian

For this month’s breed post we have the beautiful Dalmatian. The Dalmatian is a large dog, most well known for their unique and eye-catching spotted coat, as well as their starring role in the Disney classic ‘101 Dalmatians’. There is some debate over the actual roots of the Dalmatian. Some believe that their origins date … Read more

Breed post: Weimaraner

For this month’s breed post we have the affectionate and beautiful Weimaraner. Often nicknamed Silver Ghosts, or Gray Ghosts, due to their silvery coats and striking blue and grey eyes, this handsome breed will definitely make you do a double take. Originating from Germany, the Weimaraner was bred to serve as a hunting dog to … Read more

Breed Post: Yorkshire Terrier

For this month’s breed post, we have the Yorkshire terrier. One of the smallest breeds in the world, the Yorkshire terrier, or Yorkie as they’re more commonly known, may be very small in size but they’re large in personality. Originally bred to catch rodents in mines, they were also used in hunting to burrow underground … Read more