How to give your dog a tablet

At, we are all too familiar with the struggle involved in giving our dogs tablets. Whether it’s their routine worming or perhaps a course of medication from the vet for illness, we know that it can be difficult to make sure those tablets are actually taken and not spit out or left behind in … Read more

How to groom your dog

It’s time to talk about coats. Not the winter-warmer kind, but your dog’s kind. Has your dog got a coat that’s so thick they actually like to lie in snow? Or have you got a rough and curly coat to deal with? A delicate one that’s peach-soft just like their ears? Or long-haired and like … Read more

Can dogs and cats ever be friends?

Although studies suggest that up to 70% of dogs and cats get on well together and can become great companions at home, there are some dogs that will never accept them. Sighthound breeds are typical of this as they rely on their exceptional sight to track and hunt small animals and the movement and size … Read more

Breed Post: Dalmatian

For this month’s breed post we have the beautiful Dalmatian. The Dalmatian is a large dog, most well known for their unique and eye-catching spotted coat, as well as their starring role in the Disney classic ‘101 Dalmatians’. There is some debate over the actual roots of the Dalmatian. Some believe that their origins date … Read more

Breed post: Weimaraner

For this month’s breed post we have the affectionate and beautiful Weimaraner. Often nicknamed Silver Ghosts, or Gray Ghosts, due to their silvery coats and striking blue and grey eyes, this handsome breed will definitely make you do a double take. Originating from Germany, the Weimaraner was bred to serve as a hunting dog to … Read more

How often do you bathe your dog?

A recent survey in the US showed that most dogs are bathed once a month and for most dogs a monthly bath is frequent enough. There are some breeds with very oily coats like basset hounds that may need bathing more frequently and other short-haired breeds (like Beagles and Weimaraners) and unwilling individuals that need … Read more

Choosing your puppy

Are you thinking about getting a puppy? If you have children that love the idea of a cute and fluffy puppy, or simply want a dog that is going to bond and have a long life with you, then getting a puppy can seem ideal. However, puppies are far more demanding than adult dogs at … Read more

Leads for dogs

There are a lot of different types of leads to choose from and with different purposes. Regular leads are typically sold for different sizes of dog (small, medium and large) and are designed to allow the dog to walk freely at heel. They will allow the dog to walk just outside of your stride but … Read more

Breed Post: Yorkshire Terrier

For this month’s breed post, we have the Yorkshire terrier. One of the smallest breeds in the world, the Yorkshire terrier, or Yorkie as they’re more commonly known, may be very small in size but they’re large in personality. Originally bred to catch rodents in mines, they were also used in hunting to burrow underground … Read more

Why does my dog chew?

It’s well known that certain breeds are more likely to chew than others and size has little to do with their relative destructiveness. In the top ten for most destructive (compiled by an insurance company so they would know the relative cost!) were the Chihuahua, Dachshund, Boxer, Dalmatian, Bulldog, Great Dane, Husky, Beagle and Pointer. … Read more