How to teach your dog to stay at home alone

How to teach your dog to stay at home alone

If there’s one thing our dogs love most, it’s being by our side. When we need to leave, sometimes it’s not easy for both us and our canine friends. We’ve all felt the guilt after closing the door on those sad puppy dog eyes. We often find ourselves wondering what they get up to all … Read more

What to do when your dog is stung by a wasp or bee

dog stung by wasp or bee

Dogs find fun in the simple things – like chasing and snapping at flying critters. However, playing with wasps or bees could quickly end with a painful sting if they’re not careful. While in most cases the pain and irritation are minor and short-lived, some stings may require veterinary attention. Here’s what to look out … Read more

How to help a constipated dog

Constipation in dogs

As doting dog parents, we usually pick up on changes in our pooch’s toileting habits. Because let’s face it, when we’re the personal pooper scooper, it’s difficult not to! For many dogs it happens like clockwork, and it can be worrying when they don’t leave you their usual present.  But if your dog hasn’t pooped … Read more

How to help a dog gain weight

Managing your dog's weight

We’ve talked about overweight dogs, now let’s talk about what to do if your dog is overweight. Your dog might be underweight for a number of reasons, and it can be a struggle to get the weight back on. To help figure it out, we’ve pulled together some of the more common reasons your dog … Read more

How to help your dog cope in life after lockdown

Corgi at home

While we’ve been stuck indoors, our dogs have got used to spending a few solid weeks with their favourite people. Lucky pups, and lucky humans! Although we’d love to live life with our pooches by our side, at some point the world has to go back to normal. Which means for many dogs, things at … Read more

8 Reasons Your Dog Has No Appetite

dog refusing to eat

From illness and overfeeding, to behavioural problems or a new routine, there are lots of reasons your dog might stop eating. Most of the time, they’re back to wolfing down their food within a couple of days – but we know it can be a bit worrying if your pup suddenly stops eating, so we’ve … Read more

How to keep your dog occupied at home

Constipation in dogs

Our ‘new normal’ this year means more of you are asking – how do I keep my dog happy when we’re stuck indoors all day?  Whether you’re staying home or you’re stuck, you’re in self-isolation, you’ve got a poorly dog, or it’s bad weather, we’ve got some top tips on how to keep your dog … Read more

The 3 common causes of dog skin allergies

Dog skin allergies

Dog skin allergies can cause persistent itching and scratching, which can make any pup miserable. But while dog skin conditions are common, there are many possible causes. Weather extremes in the UK can wreak havoc on our pup’s skin. But dry, itchy or flaky skin is often caused by allergens in the environment and diet … Read more

Anxiety in dogs

Anxiety in dogs

When it comes to dogs, we think of waggy tails and those happy dog smiles. So when your dog shows signs of anxiety and anxious behaviours, it can feel very worrying. Warning signs aren’t always obvious, so we’ve put together this blog on what causes anxiety in your dog, how to spot it, as well … Read more

9 Signs of gum disease in dogs

Gum disease in dogs

Unfortunately for our pooches, gum disease in dogs is a common condition. But it’s easily prevented by keeping your pup’s dental health in check. Because just like us, our dog’s teeth are vulnerable to plaque and tartar build up. Without regular brushing your pooch can experience a range of dental problems, causing pain and eventually … Read more