Can dogs eat peanut butter?

Whether it’s to be licked off a spoon or stuffed into a kong toy, peanut butter is definitely worth sitting for, and maybe even giving a paw too. But before you reach for the jar, you’ll need to make sure it’s suitable for your canine companion.

Can dogs eat apples?

can dogs eat apples

Is there anything like the satisfying crunch of an apple? From a sharp Granny Smith, to the sweetness of a Golden Delicious, it’s a delicious treat for us humans, but is it good for your dog? In this blog post, we’ll give you the answer. The answer Yes! Great news for apple-chomping dogs, an apple … Read more

Can dogs eat a roast dinner?

how to make a dog-friendly roast dinner

There really is nothing quite like a roast dinner is there? It’s worth all of those hours peeling potatoes, preparing the meat, chopping the vegetables. And while you’re cooking away, it’s likely that your four-legged friend will be dutifully watching over you, desperate to sample the treats that you’re preparing. But is it ok to … Read more

Can dogs eat potatoes?

can dogs eat potatoes

One question that we’re often asked here at is “Can you feed a dog potatoes?” and we’re going to answer that query in today’s blog post. Can you sneak your Schnauzer a spud? Are roasties appropriate for your Rottie? Let’s find out. Cooked is best Good news! Cooked potato is really good for dogs. … Read more

Can dogs eat pork?

can dogs eat pork

Many a dog owner will tell you that there is something about the smell of pork cooking away in the kitchen that gets their dog licking their lips and more desperate to be slipped a treat than any other meat. Whether you’re frying up some smoked bacon, roasting some pork belly, or baking up a … Read more

Can dogs eat cucumber?

can dogs eat cucumber

Whether you like adding them to a summery salad, or just placing them over your eyelids while you take a nap, cucumbers are an item found in many fridges. Another item found in many fridges is a dog’s nose, sniffing for treats, but is it safe to share some cucumber with your Schnauzer or Shih … Read more

Can dogs eat mango?

can dogs eat mango

Is there any flavour quite as tropical as mango? Whenever we eat it, we’re eating the flavour of sunny beaches, cocktails by the sea, and it’s ever so refreshing too. Can you feed it to your dog, though? That’s what we’re going to answer in today’s blog post. Good news! Yes indeed, we have good … Read more

Can dogs eat citrus fruits?

can dogs eat citrus fruit

To many of us, a freshly sliced orange on a hot sunny day can be a refreshing treat, and like many treats that we enjoy, our dogs will see us enjoying this fruit and will want to get in on the act. But is it safe to share any citrus fruits with your dog? There … Read more

Can dogs eat prawns?

can dogs eat prawns

Whether you’re planning on pulling together a fun seafood paella, or going retro-classic with a prawn cocktail, your dog is sure to give you the eye as you’re preparing these dishes in the kitchen. However, is it ok to share your prawns with your pooch? In this blog post, we’ll find out. The pungent prawn … Read more

Can dogs eat eggs?

can dogs eat eggs

In the southern states of the US, there’s a name for someone who has a habit they can’t break; an egg-sucking dog. This comes from farmers who would often find their dogs returning to their hen-houses time and again to eat eggs, leaving the broken shell behind as if they’d sucked out the insides. So … Read more