Can dogs eat barbecue food?

There’s a juicy kebab (or five) cooking on the grill. The burgers are piled high and the buns are loaded with ketchup, mayo and pickles. There’s a lump of cheese dripping over a sausage, and the picnic table is groaning under hot dogs, bowls of crisps and lashings of creamy dips and desserts. And then, … Read more

Can dogs drink something other than water?

Dog drinking water

Loads of new ‘dog drinks’ arrive on the shelves every year. From dog beer to dog tea, and yes, even pawsecco. But when it comes to rehydration – is water really the king of the drinking bowl? We rounded up the questions everyone’s asking to see what’s best, and why. What drink is good for … Read more

Can dogs eat nuts?

can dogs eat nuts?

We see nuts as an energy-rich treat – full of proteins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats. But can dogs eat Brazil nuts? What about peanuts or walnuts or pecan nuts? On the whole, the answer is no. And as festive snacks often include nuts, it’s good to be especially vigilant at this time of year. … Read more

Dogs and peanut butter  – what you need to know

Whether it’s to be licked off a spoon or stuffed into a kong toy, peanut butter is definitely worth sitting for, and maybe even giving a paw too. But before you reach for the jar, you’ll need to make sure it’s suitable for your canine companion.

Can dogs eat cheese?

can dogs eat cheese

From the dogs we know, cheese is definitely in the ‘delicious’ category – but can dogs eat cheese? You probably suspect the answer already: dog’s can have cheese, but it’s high in lactose, fat and salt, so it isn’t great for their digestion. But then cheese isn’t great for humans either: it’s all about knowing … Read more

Can dogs eat exotic fruits?

can dogs eat exotic fruits

Fruit: that’s got to be good for your dog, right? The answer is yes and no. Exotic fruits contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants – great for dogs. But they can also have a high sugar content and cause digestive issues and other problems. Not so good. Our Lead Nutritionist, Dr Samantha Ware, explains which … Read more

Mythbusting – Calcium and your dog’s nutrition

can dogs have milk?

Calcium. This super-boosting mineral does more than just give us strong and healthy bones, so should it go in our dog’s diets too? What part does calcium play in dog nutrition? Can dogs drink milk? We asked our Lead Nutritionist, Dr Samantha Ware. What does calcium do for dogs? As an essential mineral, it does … Read more