7 dog friendly UK festivals 2019


There are so many festivals on the calendar for 2019 offering music, culture, food and drink and more – but what about dogs? The good news is, there are plenty of festivals that are suitable for your four-legged friend. Take a look at our list and see which dog-friendly UK festivals will make into your … Read more

Griff’s walks of South Wales

Griff in Ysgyryd Fawr or Skirrid Fawr, Abergavenny

Hi! My name is Griff, I’m a 3-year-old JRT x Border Collie and I live in South Wales. I’ve been a tails.com customer for two years and love all the energy that I get from my yummy food. One of my favourite things to do to burn off all that energy is to explore the … Read more

6 of the UK’s most scenic dog walks this Autumn

The days are drawing in, Autumn’s on its way. But there’s still a feast of fun to be had for you and your furry companion. Here at tails.com we can think of nothing better than a long and leisurely dog walk. And when it comes to scenic settings, we’re in luck. From coastal walks to … Read more

6 dog-friendly UK festivals 2018

Do you want to see which dog friendly festivals there are this year? Click here and have a read through.  Summer 2018 is set to be jam-packed with festivals across the UK and we can’t imagine anything better than relaxing to our favourite tunes with our furry friends, so we’ve drawn up a list of … Read more

Walks within an hour of London

Walks within an hour of London

Weekends are for walks with your furry friends. We have compiled a list of our firm favourites all within an hour from London, from a short stroll around a grand estate to a fantastic 10 mile leg stretcher for the more adventurous. So no excuses – get outside and explore! For a Sunday stroll: The … Read more

Hiking with your dog

Summer nearly here so if you’re anything like us at tails.com you and your dog are looking forward to getting out to enjoy long walks or hiking in the countryside. There are a few considerations you need to take into account to make it a safe, enjoyable and fun activity for all involved. Obviously, you … Read more

Best dog friendly pubs in: Surrey

What could be better than a springtime stroll followed by a pint with your pooch? The Tails team have sniffed out their top dog-friendly pubs in the Surrey area, so whether you’ve been stretching those legs along the Surrey Hills or simply want some good grub, we’ve got you covered. Credit: dogbuddy.com The Parrot, Forest … Read more

Your dog’s holiday checklist sorted

No matter how far in advance we plan, there always seems to be that one thing that we’ve forgotten. And when you’ve got four more legs coming with you, there are a few extra things you’ll need to pack in the bag too.

7 tips for taking your dog on holiday

When your dog’s coming on the big family holiday, there’s lots more to plan. The last thing you’ll want is to arrive at your holiday destination realising you’ve forgotten the poo bags.

6 dog-friendly UK festivals 2017

The summer of 2017 is shaping up to be a great one for festivals all over the UK, Europe and the US but as these festivals know, they can be made better by the presence of pooches.