Recipe: Bandit’s Cinnamon Christmas Stars

It’s not always easy to know what gifts to buy your dog for Christmas, but we think most dogs would agree that the fastest way to their heart is food. Office dog Bandit has confirmed this is the case. We know that Christmas is a very busy time, so you’ll be pleased to know that … Read more

Recipe: Bandit’s Butternut Squash & Apple Muffin Balls

Office dog Bandit loves Autumn more than any other season. There is a crisp chill in the air, plenty of leaves to sniff and maybe most importantly for Bandit, it means one of her favourite seasonal recipes. Although Bandit is now an elderly dog (recently celebrating her 15th birthday!) and her eyes can’t see as … Read more

Recipe: Bandit’s Minty Fresh Biscuits

We adore our dogs, but there are a few things we’re sure we’d all agree we could do without. Experiencing a smiling, panting dog in your face is sweet, but the odour of dog breath is not always a pleasant one. We’ve used fresh mint to help improve that pesky dog breath. Both mint and … Read more

Recipe: Bandit’s Wheat Free Apple Crunchies

Being dog owners ourselves, we know how difficult it can be when your dog suffers from an intolerance to certain ingredients. If you do happen to have a dog that would prefer not to have wheat, this would be a great recipe for you to try out at home. The main ingredient of this recipe … Read more

Recipe: Bandit’s Banana Bonanza Ice Cream

Spring is almost upon us and before you know it it will be summer time. A fantastic time for warm evening walks with your dog, long games of fetch and pottering about in the garden. Of course, one thing to watch out for in the hot weather is dehydration, as our dogs can sometimes over … Read more

Recipe: Bandit’s Crunchy Pear Crisps

For this month’s recipe we have Bandit’s Crunchy Pear Crisps. This is a really easy, quick and simple recipe to whip up a tasty and interesting treat for your pooch in no time. All you need is some pears (or alternatively apples, if you would prefer) and a little cinnamon to add a tasty, zingy … Read more

Recipe: Cinnamon & Papaya Happy Breath Flapjacks

We all know how unpleasant it can be when your pooch suffers from a bad case of ‘dog breath’. If you have a little time and like to do a spot of baking, it might be worth giving this recipe a try for healthy, teeth-friendly flapjacks. Ingredients: * 200 grams of rolled oats * 1 … Read more

Recipe: Carrot & Peanut Christmas Trees

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a vast array of home baked cookies and desserts being passed around whilst you watch your favourite festive movie on TV. You can imagine the extra twitching of canine noses even more than usual, in case there may be some stray cookie crumbs to nibble. If you enjoy baking and … Read more

Recipe: Halloween Spooky Bones

Halloween is just around the corner, and if like us you not only love Halloween but also love a good excuse to do some baking, then you might like to give these treats a try. If you do get the odd dog here and there do a bit of Trick Or Treating with their family, … Read more