Recipe: Bandit’s Banana Bonanza Ice Cream

Spring is almost upon us and before you know it it will be summer time. A fantastic time for warm evening walks with your dog, long games of fetch and pottering about in the garden. Of course, one thing to watch out for in the hot weather is dehydration, as our dogs can sometimes over … Read more

Lungworm in Dogs

Here at, we’re excited for the warmer weather and getting outdoors more with our furry friends. But the warmer weather also brings risks to our dog’s health. Read on to find out more about the threat of lungworm in dogs.   What is Lungworm? Lungworm is a parasite of dogs and foxes with the … Read more

How to groom your dog

It’s time to talk about coats. Not the winter-warmer kind, but your dog’s kind. Has your dog got a coat that’s so thick they actually like to lie in snow? Or have you got a rough and curly coat to deal with? A delicate one that’s peach-soft just like their ears? Or long-haired and like … Read more

Can dogs and cats ever be friends?

Although studies suggest that up to 70% of dogs and cats get on well together and can become great companions at home, there are some dogs that will never accept them. Sighthound breeds are typical of this as they rely on their exceptional sight to track and hunt small animals and the movement and size … Read more

Breed Post: Dalmatian

For this month’s breed post we have the beautiful Dalmatian. The Dalmatian is a large dog, most well known for their unique and eye-catching spotted coat, as well as their starring role in the Disney classic ‘101 Dalmatians’. There is some debate over the actual roots of the Dalmatian. Some believe that their origins date … Read more

Feeding puppies

Feeding puppies

Puppies. Cute, cuddly and a bit of a handful. You’ve brought them home, you’ve survived the journey and now it’s time for dinner. But how do you feed a puppy? How much to feed a puppy? It can be a bit of a minefield, so hopefully these tips help. How to feed a puppy: slowly … Read more

Recipe: Bandit’s Crunchy Pear Crisps

For this month’s recipe we have Bandit’s Crunchy Pear Crisps. This is a really easy, quick and simple recipe to whip up a tasty and interesting treat for your pooch in no time. All you need is some pears (or alternatively apples, if you would prefer) and a little cinnamon to add a tasty, zingy … Read more

Socialising your Puppy

  Socialising your puppy is a very important step to ensure that he becomes a happy and confident adult, able to cope with any new environment he’s in. Puppies have a lot to learn about interactions with other dogs and humans as well as different busy environments like traffic or crowds for example. So introducing … Read more