How can I stop my dog jumping up?

Small cross breed dog jumping up at owner while out on a walk for treats

Those four paws bounding towards us, that waggy tail and excited face. It’s lovely when our dogs are excited to see us, but not everyone loves a dog who jumps up – especially if they’re a bigger breed! And with safety factors to think about too around children or vulnerable adults, people often ask me: … Read more

Why does my dog chew and destroy things?

Red Labrador chewing a filled food toy

Your favourite pair of shoes, the skirting board, even clothes. Discovering your dog has chewed and destroyed something that’s not meant for them can be a nightmare for us. But, if you’re wondering why your dog destroys things, the answer is simple: because they’re a dog! Do all dogs chew and destroy things? That might … Read more

Top tips for walking your dog in the dark

Cockapoo dog wearing orange light up colour for walking in the dark

During autumn the shorter days mean there’s less daylight for those all-important walkies. While your dog still needs their daily exercise, that afternoon stroll can feel less appealing when the sun’s not shining. So we’re here to help! Read our top tips for walking your dog in the dark – so you can enjoy your … Read more

Is my dog afraid of the dark?

Border Collie curled up on sofa, peeking out from behind a blanket

The days are getting shorter, the weather cooler, wetter and windier – and with that comes more time in the dark for your dog. You might notice they’re barking more or seem a little nervous. This might lead you to wonder – is my dog afraid of the dark? The short answer to this is … Read more

Dog sleeping positions: do they mean anything?

Schnauzer Jack Russell cross sleeping in a soft fleecey dog bed with a blanket

Our dogs’ quirky behaviour can provide endless amusement. And, in our opinion, there’s nothing quite as funny as dog sleeping positions! The office dogs are often found in strange positions while they catch forty winks… But here’s the thing: all those curious sleeping positions have different meanings. In this post, we’ll tell you all … Read more