How do you host the perfect dog birthday?

Golden Labrador looking into camera from sitting position, with birthday party confetti behind

The date’s in the diary. It’s marked on the wall calendar. Yes, your dog’s birthday is coming up. Have you made big plans? Or keeping it low key? Much like us, some dogs are super sociable and are the life of the party. Others prefer a quiet celebration with that special someone. Here, we’ve put … Read more

Happy birthday pupcakes

Pup cake recipe

Did someone say party? Let’s celebrate together with a no-bake pupcake. It’s made with dog-friendly peanut butter (which means no xylitol sweetener) and healthy oats, and just needs a little ping in the microwave to get things popping. We admit it, we love frosting ours with this rather novel way to make icing. Don’t forget … Read more