Dog treats, chews and biscuits

dog treats

Every dog deserves a treat now and then. Training treats are ideal for strengthening your bond and teaching good behaviours, and chews are boredom-busters and a great way to support dental health. We know nothing sends your dog’s tail wagging quite like the anticipation of a delicious treat. Here are some of our favourites: Good … Read more

How to keep your dog occupied at home

Constipation in dogs

Our ‘new normal’ this year means more of you are asking – how do I keep my dog happy when we’re stuck indoors all day?  Whether you’re staying home or you’re stuck, you’re in self-isolation, you’ve got a poorly dog, or it’s bad weather, we’ve got some top tips on how to keep your dog … Read more

Orchard Fruit Flapjacks from The Happy Dog Cookbook!

That look on their faces when it’s treat time? Just wait until they’ve tried Sean’s Orchard Fruit Flapjacks from The Happy Dog Cookbook – a collection of 24 healthy, nutritious and tasty recipes, featuring family food expert and dog lover Annabel Karmel.  This is one of our absolute faves – a fruity take on the … Read more

Good Boy Beetroot and Cheese Bone Biscuits from The Happy Dog Cookbook!

Waggy tails ahoy, there’s a tasty new treat in town from The Happy Dog Cookbook. It’s packed full of healthy treats, biscuits, bones and bakes for you to make from the comfort of your kitchen. What’s more, all profits go to animal charity StreetVet. The book’s written by our Head Vet Sean McCormack and features … Read more

5 things to do with your dog during summer

Things to do with your dog during the summer

One minute it’s hot, then it’s not. Welcome to the Great British Summer. Whether it’s raining cats and dogs outside or sizzling hot, there are amazing things to do with your dog this summer. Here are the tips. The best dog beaches    You don’t need to spend a fortune or pack a pet … Read more

Treats Still Count

Treats count You’ve worked out your dog’s daily food allowance. But did you remember to count treats? If you didn’t, it could be time to re-do your sums. Treats can add more to your dog’s daily calorie intake than you realise, which can put your dog on the path to weight gain. Why do I … Read more