Dogs & Bad Breath: Why It Happens & How To Fix It

A kiss before work, a cuddle before bed – dogs being affectionate is the best. But those face licks are less cute when there’s smelly dog breath involved. There’s a whole host of reasons your dog might have bad breath, but most are an easy fix and – especially when it comes to cleaner teeth … Read more

Why do dogs grind their teeth?

Dog teeth grinding

There are a whole host of possible reasons dogs grind their teeth. The grinding can be a symptom of an underlying health problem, or a sign of stress. Also known as bruxism, dog teeth grinding is commonly caused by pain, either in a dog’s mouth or tummy.  Since persistent grinding can cause more serious problems … Read more

Dog teeth chattering: everything you need to know

Dog teeth chattering

Our favourite companions can make the weirdest sounds. Chances are you’ve already noticed the strange chattering sound that comes occasionally from your dog, but if it’s not below zero outside, you might be wondering what’s going on. Unlike us, dog’s teeth chattering can mean a multitude of things. Dog teeth chattering can be totally harmless, … Read more

Why is my dog losing his teeth?

Why is my dog losing his teeth

When it comes to your dog’s oral health, no one wants a gappy dog grin. Losing teeth can be perfectly normal when you’ve got a growing puppy with baby teeth. But when your adult dog’s teeth start to fall out, or you’ve got a sofa-loving senior with the sort of breath that can clear a … Read more

Your dog’s dental health

dog dental health

Dental disease is the most common problem vets diagnose in dogs over the age of three. Because our furry friends explore the world with their mouths, it’s important their teeth and gums are kept in tip top shape.  Dogs are just as vulnerable to dental problems as we are. Which is why their mouths need … Read more