8 enrichment activities for your dog

Small cross breed rescue dog licking wet food off LickiMat slomo enrichment feeder

We all know our precious dogs are smart, social and active. And just like us humans, they need plenty of physical and mental exercise to help them stay healthy and happy. That’s where enrichment comes in. What is enrichment? You’ve probably heard the word ‘enrichment’ dropped in conversation at the park or the vet. But … Read more

Why do dogs need exercise?

Golden Spaniel walking in field with 2 people in the background behind

Part of life with our dogs is the daily – or twice daily – dog walk. When we look to take a doginto our lives, one of the things we look at is how much exercise they need and factor that intoour choice of breed (or at least we should!). With unpredictable weather changes, the … Read more