Can dogs eat pork?

can dogs eat pork

Many a dog owner will tell you there’s something about the smell of pork cooking that gets their dog licking their lips and practicing those puppy dog eyes. Whether you’re frying up some bacon, roasting pork belly, or baking toad in the hole, pork can excite dogs like perhaps no other meat. But can dogs … Read more

Can dogs eat cucumber?

can dogs eat cucumber

Whether you like adding them to a summery salad, or just placing them over your eyelids while you take a nap, cucumbers are an item found in many fridges. Another item found in many fridges is a dog’s nose, sniffing for treats, but is it safe to share some cucumber with your Schnauzer or Shih … Read more

Can dogs eat mango?

can dogs eat mango

Is there any flavour quite as tropical as mango? Whenever we eat it, we’re eating the flavour of sunny beaches, cocktails by the sea, and it’s ever so refreshing too. Can you feed it to your dog, though? That’s what we’re going to answer in today’s blog post. Good news! Yes indeed, we have good … Read more

Can dogs eat citrus fruits?

can dogs eat citrus fruit

To many of us, a freshly sliced orange on a hot sunny day can be a refreshing treat, and like many treats that we enjoy, our dogs will see us enjoying this fruit and will want to get in on the act. But is it safe to share any citrus fruits with your dog? There … Read more

Can dogs eat prawns?

can dogs eat prawns

Whether you’re planning on pulling together a fun seafood paella, or going retro-classic with a prawn cocktail, your dog is sure to give you the eye as you’re preparing these dishes in the kitchen. However, is it ok to share your prawns with your pooch? In this blog post, we’ll find out. The pungent prawn … Read more

Can dogs eat eggs?

can dogs eat eggs

Remember the #DogEggChallenge on TikTok? Owners would place an egg in a dog’s mouth to see if they’d break it or not – with varying results! The challenge went viral and led to many of us asking –  is it safe to give dogs raw eggs? And we’re not just thinking about the carpet…  In … Read more

Can dogs eat sweetcorn?

On those long, summer evenings and lazy weekends, you might fire up the barbecue and along with all the meat, you may well cook up some corn on the cob as well. While your dog’s eyes, nose and drooling mouth will be drawn to the sausages and burgers, the question today is whether or not … Read more

Can dogs eat pasta?

can my dog eat pasta

To many, the idea of feeding pasta to a dog might seem a little strange, but we’re not talking about taking your dog out for a Carbonara (though most dogs would thoroughly enjoy this regardless of whether or not it’s good for them). So today, we’re going to talk you through whether you should give … Read more

Barbecue season: keeping your dog safe

Barbecue season is well and truly upon us -British weather permitting of course! They’re a great way to spend time in the garden with family, friends and our beloved canine companions. But they do involve some hazards and temptations for dogs, so we’ve written some top tips for barbecue safety. Barbecue safety and your dog: … Read more