Worms in dogs and how to treat them

worms in dogs and how to treat them

A worm infection can be really common in both adult dogs and puppies, and in most cases are nothing to worry about. The majority of infections come from intestinal worms – tapeworms and roundworms are the most common types, whilst hookworms and whipworms are less common but still important to keep an eye out for. … Read more

Why vaccinate your dog?

Dog vaccinations are really important to protect your pup against various diseases, some of which can be fatal. Others cause serious illness and require expensive treatment. Vaccinations have all but eliminated certain dog diseases like distemper. They also provide ‘herd immunity’ against those that remain a threat. This means having a vaccinated dog population prevents … Read more

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Mythbusting – Calcium and your dog’s nutrition

can dogs have milk?

Calcium. This super-boosting mineral does more than just give us strong and healthy bones, so should it go in our dog’s diets too? What part does calcium play in dog nutrition? Can dogs drink milk? We asked our Lead Nutritionist, Dr Samantha Ware. What does calcium do for dogs? As an essential mineral, it does … Read more

What to do if your dog has arthritis

getting a rescue dog

Dogs slow down as they get older, just like we do. Watching your dog find walking or running harder is tough – so we include glucosamine and chondroitin as standard in our food to support their joints from an early age. Making sure your dog has a healthy lifestyle and the right nutrition can help … Read more

Barbecue season: keeping your dog safe

With the Bank Holiday in full swing and Summer on its way, barbecue season is upon us, British weather permitting of course. Barbecues are a great way to spend time in the garden with family, friends and our beloved canine companions but they do involve some hazards and temptations for dogs which are worth highlighting, … Read more