2023 wrapped – tails.com charity giving update

StreetVet charity co-founders Jade and Sam wearing black StreetVet hoodies, kneeling down while stroking Bailey the brown and white Staffordshire terrier and StreetVet graduate. StreetVet and tails.com Community Fund logos on right side

2023 may be over, but we aren’t done with it quite yet! We’ve been busy with our calculators to share the positive impact that you, the Pack, helped us achieve last year. So make yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy this tails.com charity update. Let the good news roll! The Community Fund continues We … Read more

The tails.com Community Fund – meet our first charities

Head Vet Sean and Bear celebrate the tails.com Community Fund

The tails.com Community Fund has its first beneficiaries! We launched our charitable fund back in August and since then, we heard from a wide range of charities, all doing incredible work for people and their dogs nationwide.  Now our first round of funding applications has closed, the winners have been chosen – and we’re delighted … Read more