Should you walk your dog on a collar or a harness?

collar or harness?

We asked behaviourist and dog trainer Carolyn Menteith to share her thoughts on whether you should attach a dog’s lead to their collar – or to a harness. When you live with a dog, a key part of every single day will be your exercise time. Putting on your dog’s lead, getting out and spending … Read more

6 of the UK’s most scenic dog walks this Autumn

The days are drawing in, Autumn’s on its way. But there’s still a feast of fun to be had for you and your furry companion. Here at we can think of nothing better than a long and leisurely dog walk. And when it comes to scenic settings, we’re in luck. From coastal walks to … Read more

Walks within an hour of London

Walks within an hour of London

Weekends are for walks with your furry friends. We have compiled a list of our firm favourites all within an hour from London, from a short stroll around a grand estate to a fantastic 10 mile leg stretcher for the more adventurous. So no excuses – get outside and explore! For a Sunday stroll: The … Read more

Hiking with your dog

Summer’s nearly here! If you’re anything like us, you and your dog are looking forward to getting out to enjoy long walks or hiking in the countryside. There are a few considerations you need to take into account to make it a safe, enjoyable and fun activity for all involved. Obviously, you both need to … Read more