I think my dog has problems digesting food, do diets have different digestibility levels?

How digestible a food is, is an indication of how well it will be digested and absorbed by your dog. Digestibility takes into account how good the quality of the food is and how likely it is to suit your dog. High quality ingredients that are correctly processed will result in highly digestible foods that should keep your dog in good condition and with reduced, firm stools.

Here’s some examples of ingredients rated for protein digestibility in dogs:

Ingredient Percentage
Egg whites 100
Fish 95
Chicken 95
Beef 94
Lamb 83
Soya 75
Rice 72
Oats 66
Yeast 63
Wheat 60

Highly digestible foods can reduce excessive gas (flatulence) and bowel movements that are regular and consistent. However this will often vary on an individual basis as some dogs will have better digestion than others and different tolerances for ingredients.

It’s important that their diet is not 100% digestible as producing faeces is normal for dogs and their gut doesn’t function well without some indigestible matter. This indigestible matter can also help with dogs that need to diet as it can mean there is more fibre there to slow down digestion and promote satiety and those with fibre responsive conditions for example constipation. However all our tails.com blends are designed to be as digestible as needed as we look at each dog individually to design the best possible blend for them so digestibility is a key part to this process.

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  1. Hi our we caught our chichoua Toby eating our spaniels poo before we could get to it to clean it up, as soon as he goes to play in the garden he runs off looking for it, unfortunately he is out of look, what is the matter with him, you would think it was
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    Su ?


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