Breed Post: Dalmatian

dogbreed_dalmatian.jpgFor this month’s breed post we have the beautiful Dalmatian. The Dalmatian is a large dog, most well known for their unique and eye-catching spotted coat, as well as their starring role in the Disney classic ‘101 Dalmatians’.

There is some debate over the actual roots of the Dalmatian. Some believe that their origins date back to an area of Croatia named Dalmatia, although there have been paintings of spotted dogs found throughout areas of Europe, Africa and on the walls of the tombs dating back to Ancient Egypt.

Dalmatians are highly active dogs and will definitely not be satisfied sitting about indoors all day. If you’re considering this breed as your next dog, make sure that you’re prepared for a lot of long brisk walks or jogs. If you like cycling or hiking, even better – they will happily and easily keep up with you.

As with a lot of dogs, if a Dalmatian gets bored he is likely to become destructive and difficult to handle at home. On a similar note, this breed is not keen on being left alone. They want to be where their family is, seeing what’s going on and getting involved in the activities.

As well as being very active, this breed is also incredibly smart. They require dedicated training and a routine from very early on in their life, or else they’ll assume it’s their responsibility to take control and run things the way they want to. However Dalmatians are quite sensitive souls and do not appreciate being spoken to too firmly. Make sure that you keep training focused but fun, and always try to provide rewards to praise positive behaviour.

Dalmatians have a urinary system which is unique in the dog world, which means that there are a few medical issues that you do need to be aware of to prevent medical complications. Their diet should not ever be too high in protein, and they must always have access to fresh drinking water at all times. They will also need to have the option to relieve themselves quite frequently to ensure that their urinary system is flushed. It may be very beneficial for them to have access to a back garden for frequent trips outside.

If socialised properly and early in life, Dalmatians will get on very well with both other dogs and children, and really enjoy having a play. This can sometimes be an added bonus, as if you have another dog or children around for them to play with, they’ll help tire each other out. In saying this it’s imperative that you remember that your Dalmatian could become too exuberant and could accidentally knock a small child down.

Dalmatians have a very sly sense of humour and will definitely keep you laughing. With the right training in place, the Dalmatian will be a dependable, playful and dignified companion.

3 thoughts on “Breed Post: Dalmatian”

  1. I think Dalmations are so beautiful. And when i was a kid I looooved watching 101 Dalmations….always said I would have one haha. I still like them….but they definitely have somewhat difficult temperments. I haven’t met one that is great with other dogs …..but ok with people so far 🙂

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