Meet: The German Shorthaired Pointer

Friendly, adventurous and fun loving, the German Shorthaired pointer jumps into every new situation with an infectious enthusiasm. This dog is loyal and loving toward his family, and enjoys the company of people and children.

The German Shorthaired pointer was recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1930. Although the history of this breed is relatively unclear, it is thought that they descended from different types of hunting dogs, such as the German bird dog and the Old Spanish pointer.

Not to be confused with the German wirehaired or the English pointer, the shorthaired pointer’s coat is short and flat with a dense, water-resistant undercoat. However, one trait that they do all share is their webbed feet, which makes them fantastic swimmers. Shorthaired pointers are renowned as being unbeatable field dogs, as much on water as on land.

As pointers were bred to have enough energy and stamina to last a whole day out hunting, this breed requires a great deal of exercise, be it a long hike or a vigorous game of fetch. If under-exercised, like most dogs they will become bored and frustrated, and if given the chance they can be great escape artists, so a garden with a high and secure fence would be most ideal.


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