The ultimate gourmet dinner – just for dogs

As we know here at, the secrets to a great diet for your dog are high-quality ingredients, tailored to their individual needs and the right amount to keep them healthy and happy.

That’s why we served Noodle our lamb hotpot recipe with rosemary, carrots and green beans. And because Noodle is sensitive to chicken and beef, the lamb is a healthy, lean protein source – important for his growth and development.

Our chefs prepared carrots and green beans, giving Noodle his healthy source of vegetables, full of fibre and antioxidants too. Plus, their dish was served with a gorgeous gravy to accompany it – along with the tailored kibble, specially tailored to Noodle’s dietary and nutritional needs.

To find out what a tailored diet can do for your dog, visit and try 2 weeks free on us.

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  1. My duke has had his first kibble and his first serving he has ate the lot. Thinking this is the best idea I could have had for my dog duke 😘

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