A guide to changing dog food

Whether your dog has tummy troubles, or is a fussy eater, you may be thinking it’s time to change their food. Some dogs dislike certain flavours. Some become bored of eating the same thing every day. While others seem to have a dicky tum no matter what they eat. 

Medical problems can also call for a change in food. Certain ingredients can work wonders on chronic conditions like joint pain, pancreatitis and diabetes. The food we feed our dogs has a direct impact on their overall health. Which is why it’s important to get it right. If you’re thinking about changing dog food, here’s your guide on how best to make the switch. 

How do I change dog food? 

Make the change gradually over a week or two. Any sudden changes in your dog’s diet can cause digestive upset including nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. It’s usually best to mix old and new food together. Then slowly increase the amount of new food added. Here’s a handy guide with the amounts you should feed over the course of a week. 

Day 1-2 – 70% old and 30% new 

Day 3-4 – 50% old and 50% new 

Day 5-6 – 30% old and 70% new 

Day 7 – 100% new 

What should I do if my dog won’t eat their new food?

Some dogs can be fussy with new foods, but there are some things you can try to entice them. For the first few days, try one of these methods to make the food more appetising for your dog.

Use a microwave – Pop the food in the microwave for a few seconds to release the aromas. Just make sure you don’t use a metal dish! 

Add hot water – Pour a little hot water (not boiling) over the food to soften the texture and release those tasty smells. 

Add flavour – Add a splash of diluted marmite or low salt gravy to add a new level of interest. 

Avoid treats – If you’re constantly feeding your dog treats, they won’t have an appetite to try the new food. Cut out treats altogether while they make the switch. 

Add wet food – Wet food makes a great topper to dry kibble. Mix in a spoonful of wet food to make the food more interesting. 

These tips should do the trick, but if all else fails try our tailored dog food. Here at tails.com we can make a unique recipe for your dog with a choice of many flavours. This means your dog is almost guaranteed to find a recipe they love. If you find your dog doesn’t like their first recipe, you can reach our customer service team at hello@tails.com and we’ll make a new recipe for free. 

Why try tailored dog food? 

By giving your dog food that’s unique to them, you know they’re getting all the nutrients they need. And it’s a dish they’ll love devouring, every time! Our algorithm uses every detail about your dog, and tailors a recipe based on their preferences and health needs. You can choose the health benefits you’d love to see – whether that’s a glossy coat, improved joints or digestion. Your dog’s unique recipe will include the perfect blend of nutrients with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Why not sign up today to get 50% off your first box and give your dog the food they love. 

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  1. Hi
    Charlie has just been groomed and his anal glands were blocked again this has happened before, the groomer suggested more fibre, do i need to change his current food?His poos are always soft.

    1. Yes. Same thing with my dog. He has soft stools and has anal gland issues. I’ve switched to a high fibre diet. Mainly kibble my dog is eating for now as he doesnt just yet like the wet food.

      Fingers crossed for a full switch over!

  2. Hi there
    Scoop of Z4 is a even bigger portion for ella ? Is that the whole amount for the 3 meals aday or in one go , I am quite confused ? Have tried the method of introducing her the food , only way to get her to eat it is add a of egg into it , is that ok ?

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