Do dogs get bored of their food?

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It’s something we get asked a lot at, but the truth is most dogs don’t get bored of their food. Although we humans have around 9000 tastebuds, dogs only have about 1700! They’re not interested in food in the same way we are, and they don’t like salty or bitter foods like we do.

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Dog eating

It’s important to remember that our pups have us wrapped around their paws. Lots of the time, we could be mistaking hunger for something else – often, it’s just attention they want! Make sure you’re not giving in to puppy-dog eyes and avoid treating between mealtimes, especially if they haven’t finished their food. Instead, playtime and cuddles can give your pup the attention they’re looking for without needing to use food. 

You could also try making dinners more interactive with puzzle feeders – not only does it add something new to mealtimes, but it’s great for mental stimulation and encouraging pups to eat. We’ve got a great blog with some more advice here.

Now, before you post a comment below, we know some dogs can be fusspots who might turn their nose up or need some variety in their food. Every dog is unique, after all! So what do you do if your dog is bored of their food?

  • Try adding in a little bit of wet food
  • Mix in some low-sodium gravy or diluted stock
  • Mash in some steamed vegetables 

These will all add some new flavours and textures that your pup will hopefully enjoy. And if that doesn’t work, you could try making a change to their kibble. We’ve got some tips on how to do this here, but as a general rule, a gradual transition over 5-7 days is the best way to avoid any tummy upsets.

If you’re struggling to find something that works, why not try tailored nutrition with your dog? Our tasty unique recipes might be just the trick, and we’ve even got a range of delicious slow-cooked wet food ready to complement the kibble. Sign up now at!

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  1. I’m not entirely sure that this is true. It might be my particular mutt, but I find that rotating foods gets a better response throughout the week and minimizes food wastage. Having said that, feeding a better quality brand of dog food does seem to improve the fussiness factor!

  2. I know for a fact our dogs do get bored of their food. I do a bi-weekly rotation for our dogs. Now they don’t get tired of the food they used to eat. Luckily they don’t have transition issues with their tummies as they are used to it.

  3. I have found that since we started using “TAILS” lady never turns her nose up at it any time, and shows no signs ofr bieng bored with her frood,previously we used kibbles, but was very hity missy with the amount she ate, so the answer is , a balancd nutritional diet (TAILS)

  4. Our pup has been on Tails now for a few months and loved it initially, but now seems to have completely gone off her food! We have now cancelled our order with you but have a load of your food and the dog seems very disinterested in it. Reading on other sites it seems quite common that a dog would get bored of eating the same food twice a day. Any suggestions?

  5. Is changing food too fast cause diarrhea ,or is the dog super sensitive? we have a chihuahua mix who has no problem with the gradual introduction of a different food. But our Chi purebred gets diarrhea very easily no matter how long we draw out the food introduction. She also has a constant ear infection no matter what we and a consult with our vet does. She also gets itchy paws. We had a allergy study done and she is highly allergic to human dander, some plants and insects, but mostly human dander. What can we give her or do better to help our girl. She also tolerates canned pumpkin very well which we give her on the first day of diarrhea on day one, and no more diarrhea! Please help Thanks to all

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