A summer favourite: chicken and apple pupsicles

No matter what the British summer throws at us, one thing we can all agree on is the joy of an ice lolly. Whether in the park or the garden, they’re a refreshing and tasty treat and a great way to keep cool in the summer months. And who says our dogs can’t enjoy one, too?

It’s a common myth that dogs can’t have ice, but according to our Head Vet Sean, ice is actually a good way to keep dogs cool in the sun – especially if they’re not great at keeping themselves hydrated. You just need to make sure your dog is supervised at all times as chunks of ice can be a choking hazard for smaller dogs.

And now you’ve got more than just the perfect summer treat, because this recipe is good for teeth too. How? Well, we’ve come up with a great way to combine your dog’s daily dental routine with something fresh. Our chicken and apple pupsicles use low salt chicken stock, apple and one of our Dental Dailies as the lolly stick! Genius.



What you’ll need:

100ml low salt chicken stock

1 dental stick (ours really get tails wagging)

¼ of an apple (no pips as they can be toxic for dogs)


  1. Mix up your stock and leave it to cool
  2. Chop up the apple into small pieces
  3. Pop the apple pieces into a small plastic cup, ramekin or ice-lolly mould
  4. Pour over the chicken stock
  5. Using sellotape, create four barriers over the top of your dish – this will hold the dental stick in place (for a how-to, have a look at the video below)
  6. Freeze overnight, or until frozen
  7. When it’s ready to eat, run the sides of the pot under warm water to loosen the lolly and remove the tape
  8. Use the dental stick to grab the lolly – time to enjoy!

We loved seeing our dogs enjoy their very own pupsicle – if you give it a go, tag us on Instagram so we can see, using #tailsdotcom

2 thoughts on “A summer favourite: chicken and apple pupsicles”

  1. My staffies love a giant icecube in their waterbowl, and I often freeze treats for them in hot weather, this is a great idea. You MUST use low salt stock cube or homemade stock tho.


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