Meet: The Rottweiler

Rottweilers make wonderful pets, and faithful companions – we’re here to tell you all about these beautiful dogs.


One truly fascinating fact about the Rottweiler is just how old the breed is and as far as we can tell it goes back to at least the Roman era, and may even be older than that! And they have lasted this long because they are exceptionally good at what they do, which was typically herding and guarding cattle, and later guarding… well, everything. Their modern name comes from the German city of Rottweil where the breed was particularly popular and was often seen pulling wagons for the town’s butchers.


A medium to large breed, with males growing as tall as 70cm (and females reaching around 63cm), they typically come in one of two colour variations; black and tan, or black and mahogany. They have a short, wide muzzle and they also typically have eyebrows which is rather delightful – two lighter patches of fur above their eyes.


Rottweilers are actually fantastic family dogs if they receive a little training early on in their lives. They have a natural guardian instinct, so need to be well trained and managed in order to put that temperament to good use, but if you can do that, you will have one of the most loyal, loving, gentle and playful dogs in the world, as well as a great burglar deterrent! 


Rotties need plenty of exercise – at least two hours a day to keep them out of mischief. What’s more, they are natural overeaters whose diets need to be strictly monitored as they will eat anything and everything put in front of them, and left unchecked, it won’t be long before they develop health issues, so a strict diet and plenty of exercises is a must. 

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