Can dogs eat mango?

Is there any flavour quite as tropical as mango? Whenever we eat it, we’re eating the flavour of sunny beaches, cocktails by the sea, and it’s ever so refreshing too. Can you feed it to your dog, though? That’s what we’re going to answer in today’s blog post.

Good news!

Yes indeed, we have good news for anyone wanting to share this fantastic fruit with their four-legged friend – it is indeed fine for dogs to feast on mango. In fact, it’s not only safe for them, it can be very good for them too. Like all fruit, mangoes are packed full of vitamins, and especially vitamin A and vitamin C, and they’re full of fibre as well, so they’re excellent for your doggy’s digestive system.

But before you go and add a mango to every weekly shop, it’s also worth remembering that mangoes are full of sugar. A slice or two of mango should be a rare treat for your dog as too much can lead to weight issues and the problems that are associated with them. Once in a while though will be just fine.

Other things to know

Don’t just hand your dog a raw mango and let them have at it – there are a couple of things you need to do before sharing. Firstly, make sure any mango that you give to your dog has been peeled. The skin isn’t guaranteed to cause issues, but it’s certainly possible (so why take that risk?) and it won’t do them any good either. Secondly, never let your dog get hold of a mango pit as these can be real choking hazards for any dog. Essentially, we’d recommend feeding your dog mango prepared in the same way you’d eat it – no skin, and no stone. 

Mangoes may be a great source of fibre, but if your dog is suffering from an unbalanced digestive system, there are much better ways of getting fibre into their diets. Our own food for dogs with sensitive stomachs is a much healthier and balanced solution, and it’s very tasty too. 

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