Can dogs eat apples?

Is there anything like the satisfying crunch of an apple? From a sharp Granny Smith, to the sweetness of a Golden Delicious, it’s a delicious treat for us humans, but is it good for your dog? In this blog post, we’ll give you the answer.

The answer

Yes! Great news for apple-chomping dogs, an apple makes a great treat for any pooch. It is packed full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, meaning that an apple is great for your dog’s immune system and general health. What’s more, an apple is a great source of fibre so it will do your dog’s digestive system a world of good too. 

A couple of things to remember

In the same way that few humans enjoy eating the core and pips of an apple, they’re not good for dogs either, so be sure to remove these with an apple corer or a knife. It’s a good idea to peel the apple as well to make it easier to digest.

Oh, and remember to take that little sticker off as well – as any human who has mistakenly bitten into one of those will tell you, it’s definitely not a tasty part of the fruit.

If you find your dog needs a bit more fibre in their diet, why not take a look at our food for dogs with sensitive stomachs which is great for any four legged friend whose tummy has been a bit upset, or needs a more delicate meal plan. 

2 thoughts on “Can dogs eat apples?”

  1. When you tell us that Apple cores are not good for dogs you really need to say why! So we have a better understanding. My understanding is that it’s because the pips contain cyanide, but I could be wrong. In the past all my dogs have eaten apple cores and we’ve not had problems.


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