Can dogs eat potatoes?

One question that we’re often asked here at is “Can you feed a dog potatoes?” and we’re going to answer that query in today’s blog post. Can you sneak your Schnauzer a spud? Are roasties appropriate for your Rottie? Let’s find out.

Cooked is best

Good news! Cooked potato is really good for dogs. We use both white and sweet potato in our recipes as it’s a healthy source of carbohydrate – plus it’s packed with nutrients.

Just avoid feeding your dogs things like chips, roast potatoes, or any potato cooked in a lot of oil or fat. Instead, stick to boiled potatoes and jacket potatoes as these are absolutely fine to feed your dog.

The raw truth

Remember, never feed your dog raw potato. When uncooked, potatoes contain a compound called Solanine and this can be very toxic to your dog. In an absolutely worst case scenario, ingesting raw potato can lead to your dog developing something called Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (or CDM for short) and this causes the heart to grow larger, the muscles around it stop working, and your dog could suffer heart failure.

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