Why does my dog lick my feet after a shower?

It can be a very regular occurrence in many homes. You’ve soaked yourself under some warm water. You’ve lathered, rinsed and repeated, and when you step out of the shower and head to put some clothes on, there’s that familiar feeling of a cold, wet nose and a licking tongue at your feet. But why do some dogs love licking feet when they’ve just come out of the shower? Let’s find out. 

Feet with flavour

Dog’s have a great many scent receptors and their taste buds are pretty sharp too. In many cases, a dog lapping at your toes after a shower may just be because your feet taste great! Well, at least they taste great to your dog who is not only showing you affection (licking is very much a language of love to dogs) but also because your wet feet are an amazing taste-sensation. Not everyone likes it, but many dogs love to do it and if you show them any attention or affection when they do it, they’ll almost certainly continue to do enjoy this activity.

But that may not be the only reason. For more on this and the other reasons why your dog likes to lick your ankles, soles and the rest, our Head Vet Sean McCormack has put together this short video with plenty of information for you.

1 thought on “Why does my dog lick my feet after a shower?”

  1. They simply think that they’re helping. After all, what do they do when they get wet or their puppies get wet? They lick.


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