Can dogs eat leeks?

Whether you’ve cooked up a nice leek and potato pie, or if you’re just looking to celebrate your Welsh heritage with your Welsh Corgi, you might be tempted to share a leek or two with your dog. But is this vegetable safe for your pet to consume? That’s what we’re going to answer today.

Leave the leek out

No, is the simple answer. Do not share any food containing leeks with your dog (or cat for that matter) because this is poisonous to them. Leeks belong to the same family of vegetables as onion and garlic (the Allium family) and the chemicals within these foods can cause all sorts of problems for your pets. Aside from the gastro-intestinal issues that you’ll have to clear up, they can also do serious damage to the animal’s red blood cells, so if you think your dog has eaten any leeks, onions or garlic, get them to the vet, and maybe put a rug down in the car before you travel – the one you don’t like.


Chives are another one to leave out of your dog’s diet because this herb also shares a heritage with leeks and the like. Same goes for spring onions. Essentially, if it tastes or smells of onion or garlic, do not feed this to your pet, as this could have serious implications that could leave your best friend not very well at all. Always check the ingredients of any human food your share with your dog.

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