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Tailor-made dog food, created by experts, delivered to your door.

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Your dog's one-in-a-million kibble blend.

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Vet-approved, high-quality ingredients.

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No added sugar, colours, flavours or preservatives.

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Alfie the dog licking his bowl of kibble

Complete nutrition, just for them

Your dog’s nutritional needs are as unique as they are.Take a few minutes to tell us about their breed, age, lifestyle & health needs and our experts will get to work! You’ll receive a nutritionally-balanced, tailor-made kibble blend - with goodness in every bite.

White bowl full of healthy meat and veggies

It’s what’s inside that counts

Delicious, high-quality ingredients, selected by our experts to support your dog’s individual needs and taste preferences. Everything they need to thrive and flavour they’ll savour.

Everything they need to thrive

                            Bowl of meat

High-quality proteins to support healthy muscles

                            Bowl of healthy grains

Wholesome grains for slow-release energy

Essential vitamins and minerals

                            Glucosamine to support joints

Tailored additions for personalised support vet with 16 blends of kibble

One-in-a-million: how?

Our nutritionists, technologists and vets have over 70 years of food science and dog nutrition experience. Your dog’s kibble is made from a million possible combinations, just for them.

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Quality assured

Better ingredients mean tastier food and happier dogs. We blend your dog's kibble fresh every time so they enjoy the fullest flavour - ensuring it meets our stringent quality checks too.

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