Why do dogs follow you to the toilet?

When we visit the toilet, many of us look forward to a brief moment of alone time in a world that never seems to slow down. We like to take five minutes to scroll through social media, read the news, and just relax for a fleeting moment in solitude. Dog owners though, rarely get this chance as these animals seem to have a habit of following us into the smallest room of the house. Why do dogs follow us into the loo? Let’s find out.

Two’s company

Dogs (thankfully) have very different bathroom habits to us humans. Their routine doesn’t involve checking twitter or updating a fantasy team on a sports app (or reading the back of the air-freshener can if you forgot your phone). Instead, dogs have only the shelter of a tree or lamppost and you may notice they turn to look at you while they do your business. This is because, when your dog’s ancestors lived in the wild, a visit the little pup’s room was when they were at their most vulnerable. While concentrating on their business, they were open to attack from predators and so they would often visit their preferred convenience as a pack, with those not going to the loo keeping look out for those that were.

Now, given that you are part of a dog’s pack, your dog is honouring this ancient custom and protecting you while you scroll through your ex’s instagram updates and check your emails. They are standing guard while you are at your most vulnerable, and this is one of the primary reasons why they follow you into the throne room.

Sense of smell

There are other reasons too, mind you. As we know, dogs have an incredible sense of smell and bathrooms have some amazing scents to be enjoyed regardless of what is going on in there. From bath-bombs to shower gel and all the other smells that occur in this room, it’s heaven for a creature with a nose as sensitive as a dog’s. 

And lastly, one of the primary reasons your dog might follow you into the W.C. is because they love you and don’t want to spend a second of their life without your dazzling company, even when you’re otherwise engaged. We think that’s the nicest reason, and so we’ll stick with that as our favourite, but we think those are all good reasons if we’re being fair to our pooches.

If you’re having to visit the loo a little too often, this may be because your tummy is a bit off, and this is a problem that can affect dogs too. If your dog is suffering in this way, you might want to pick up some of our food for dogs with sensitive stomachs to give them a helping hand.

6 thoughts on “Why do dogs follow you to the toilet?”

  1. My Inuit Husky regularly accompanies me and the door she shows her dissatisfaction by ignoring me or walking off into another room. She also tries to help with wash and dry and gets keen when tooth brush and paste appear but she only stays a minute or two so I still have a bit of peace. I though it was a bonding move but your analysis sounds
    a likely reason

  2. Hi There – My little rescue dog ‘Jethro’ follows my wife to loo every time, but does not follow me?
    Does this mean he doesn’t love me as much as my wife? BooHoo!
    Roger Prince

  3. My 7 month old Staff follows me to the bathroom too. He’s been doing it since he was little and it was very cute at the time, now he just eats and chews everything in sight and all I can do is watch in despair! Needless to say I’ve had to leave him crying at the bathroom door instead now! Reading the reasons why was lovely and really interesting though, as soon as he stops running off with the loo paper and attacking the toilet brush, I’ll reconsider letting him back in 🙂


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