How to use a LickiMat

Dogs love a LickiMat. It’s such a great way to give them mental stimulation as they eat, a bit like playtime and treat time all in one go – and you can now add one to your delivery.

Having one in your home makes mealtimes more fun for you to make, too – and tasty for your dog with different textures and flavours to lick up. It also serves to slow down the greedy pups who like to wolf their food up in one big gulp (no shame here!).

What to put on a LickiMat

You can quite literally put anything on a LickiMat (as long as it’s edible, of course) and it’ll be a sure-fire way to make your dog’s tail wag.

Some of our favourite things to use include:

  • Wet food
  • Treats or kibble
  • Banana
  • Peanut butter
  • Sweet potato
  • Carrots
  • Dog-friendly fruit like blueberries or blackberries

LickiMat no-nos

Before you reach for your favourite spreadable snacks, make sure they’re not on this list of foods you should never feed your dog.

Remember, dogs shouldn’t have dairy or anything too high in fat, sugar, or salt, so avoid things like full-fat cream cheese or fatty meat juices and broths.

Our favourite LickiMat recipes

For a little bit of inspiration, here are some of our favourite snack hacks for your dog’s LickiMat!

Banana milkshake

This gets our vote any day – whisk a banana with a bit of dairy-free yoghurt and pour over the LickiMat. Pop it in the freezer and let them enjoy once frozen!

Watermelon slushie

Any dog-friendly fruit works on here, but watermelon is particularly delicious (and hydrating), so it’s a good one to remember when the weather perks up. Simply spread watermelon, top with blueberries or your dog’s favourite treats and pop in the freezer to firm up.

Red pepper cheeto

Grate ½ a small apple (peeled and minus the pips, please), add diced red pepper, a bit of grated carrot and a smear of dairy-free yoghurt, and finally add a few kibbles for crunch.

You can now add LickiMats to your delivery too. Available in two patterns to suit enthusiastic chewers and slow down mealtimes, just log into your account to find out more.

10 thoughts on “How to use a LickiMat”

  1. Please could you send me more details for your Dog Lickimat.
    Size, cost etc + where &, how to
    purchase o e, please.

    • I’ve used lickitmats for 3 months with my greyhound. As he is a huge food it’s a great way to give him some enrichment as it can take 10 minutes for him to to clear it up depending on what I put on it there are various designs just check Amazon. Can’t recommend enough

  2. My naughty spaniel would run away with a licky mat and chew it it!!! so I bought one from Amazon that has suckers on the back and I stick it to the patio door for her to enjoy.
    Buddy Treat Mat …£6.99

  3. We love the lickimat’s, I’ll definitely try using watermelon and berries next time. Banana and Greek yoghurt is a big hit with my whippet!

  4. I use a liki mat when nail clipping or bathing, i got one that sticks to the tiles in the bathroom, particularly useful in the groomers. I often use Greek yogurt (natural) and banana, sometimes dog friendly peanut butter broccoli and carrot or kibble.


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