Puppies: what to do if they’re chewing

Puppies are cute, but those little teeth can be really sharp. Not ideal when they’re chewing your slippers or new bag. We thought we’d take a look at the reasons behind it, so you know what to do if your puppy is chewing something they shouldn’t be.

Why is my puppy chewing?

Puppies chew things. Sometimes things you love and wish they wouldn’t. Chewing supports play, exploration, teething, and it’s an occupier. In other words, it keeps them busy. But give them boundaries on what they can – and can’t – chew.

How do I stop my puppy chewing everything?

It’s an easy fix :

  • Take away whatever they’re gnawing on 
  • Replace it with a suitable toy or dog chew
  • Have a mix of different toys around
  • Keep them entertained with flavoured, noisy and puzzle toys. They help mental development as well as being fun, safe ways to play.

If teething is the issue, try popping their toys in the fridge or freezer. Chewing on something cool will soothe their gums.

Another great tip:  puppy-proof your house. Get down on the floor and have a good look around. What would you chew on if you were a puppy? Wires, plants, shoes…they’re all fair game, so move them away or keep them covered.

My puppy is chewing wood – help!

Teeth marks on skirting boards, door frames and table legs can be very annoying (and costly!). It’s usually just boredom, but it can also be a sign of separation anxiety as your puppy sees chewing on these things as a way to escape. 

A little bite won’t do much harm (we can’t say the same for your furniture) but it’s important to stop them from getting into any bad habits. Wood can break and splinter which can be dangerous.

Keep lots of fun toys around to distract them from the table legs, and if that doesn’t help, there are a few special sprays available that taste bitter and act as a deterrent. Have a look in your local pet shop, or have a chat with your vet to find the best one for you.

My puppy’s biting me

It’s completely normal for your puppy to go through a biting phase. Check out Behaviourist Carolyn Menteith’s top tips to stop your puppy biting.

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  1. Provide appropriate chew toys: Make sure your puppy has plenty of appropriate chew toys, such as rubber or nylon toys, that are safe for them to chew on. Avoid giving them items like shoes or furniture, as this can encourage destructive chewing.


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