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If you’re reading this post, then you’ve probably picked up a few dog poos in your time! As dog owners, we know how hard it is to find the perfect poo bag. One that’s eco-friendly, as well as big enough and tough enough to handle even the toughest of tasks…so to speak!  

Fear not – a new way to pick up awaits. 

Our dedicated team of experts has been hard at work designing the perfect poo bag. Conducting countless hours of research, looking at an endless list of materials, and, yes, picking up quite a bit of poo…

But first – how did we get here? Let’s find out. 

The problem with biodegradable poo bags

While biodegradable or compostable poo bags might seem like the best option out there, their environmental benefit depends on how you dispose of them. Many are only able to break down under a very specific set of conditions. 

Most of us are popping our poo bags in a regular bin, which ends up in landfill — limiting the environmental benefits of these poo bags. 

Infographic - it's estimated only 10% of people can effectively compost at home. 60% of 'home-compostable' plastic packaging fails to disintegrate after six months, based on data from The Big Compost Experiment of 9000 UK citizens. In a recent Instagram poll, 47% of our customers told us they dispose of their poo bags in general wate, 50% in local park bins, and 3% in a worm farm or compost heap.

When waste ends up in landfill, it’s often buried deep and lacks the necessary conditions for biodegradation. Compression and a lack of oxygen means even biodegradable bags take a long time to break down, releasing methane (a potent greenhouse gas) as they degrade.  

On top of this, these kinds of bags often demand a higher amount of resources for the manufacturing process, making them less favourable for the environment.

Our new Poo Bags, made from 100% recycled materials

We listened to you, the tails.com pack, to make sure we were creating a product that serves a purpose. Bags that get the job done, with the smallest possible environmental footprint….ta dah!

tails.com's new poo bags and packaging, including outer cardboard box and 4 rolls and bag countdown feature

That’s why our new Poo Bags are made exclusively from recycled materials. As well as reducing the production of new plastic, these bags have a more energy-efficient production process than virgin plastic. A great choice if you’re disposing in park bins or general waste. Designed so that each of your dog’s deposits has the smallest possible impact on the planet.

Our new Poo Bags are:

  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Big, strong and leakproof 
  • Delivered in fully recycled & recyclable packaging 

Plus, when you add them to your tails.com subscription, you’ll get a monthly supply of 60 bags, with a handy countdown on every roll. So you’ll never have to experience the empty-pocket-patting-panic….ever again!

Sounds good? Add our new Poo Bags to your monthly box.

Not a subscription customer? No problemo. Simply sign up or reactivate your account to get this essential delivered to your door every month, along with tailor-made goodness for your dog to enjoy!

29 thoughts on “tails.com Poo Bags – made from 100% recycled materials”

  1. Not uncommon but good for the environment. However I would like to see you introduce flushable Poo bags which are my preferred option, but costly and difficult to source

    • Hi Isabelle, we’ve moved away from biodegradable materials, as discussed above, and made the decision to sell Poo Bags made from 100% recycled materials, and we believe we’ve chosen the best option, with the smallest possible environmental footprint. You can read more about why we made this decision above 😊

    • Hi Elizabeth, you can purchase our new Poo Bags for £3.50 which contain 4 rolls in each pack 😊 If you have any more questions, our customer team are here to help at hello@tails.com 🐾

  2. I saw you’d apparently researched and redesigned the poo bags and thought great but so disappointed ! Still not got handle/ ties? This is one of the most important features for most dog owners. Followed by thickness of material. You really don’t want to feel they are flimsy and you can feel warm poo in them. Scoops are too much bother. Happy to try them then but not until then.

  3. Do the poo bags have handles? Your last ones did not and we’re not only difficult to tie up but also to open up easily! (Quite crucial when in the process of picking up!!

    • Hi Elizabeth, we hope you’re as excited as us about our new Poo Bags! They don’t have handles, but they are bigger, stronger and now made from fully recyclable materials – meaning when your pup poops they tread a little lighter on the planet 😊

    • Hi Clare, we hope you’re as excited as us about our new Poo Bags! They don’t have handles, but they are bigger, stronger and now made from fully recyclable materials – meaning when your pup poops they tread a little lighter on the planet 😊

    • Hi Ian, our Poo Bags are big, super strong, leak-proof and made from 100% recycled materials, they’re not biodegradable – you can read more about why in our blog above😊

  4. I have been extremely satisfied with the quality and price of the old poo bags but understand the reason for the change, however, I find a 75% price increase extremely excessive and uncompetitive.

  5. Where are the poo bags made? In the uk? This is also part of managing carbon footprint & to avoid unethical environments. Please advise.

    • Hi Joanna, thanks for reaching out. Our Poo Bags are made in China, and while this isn’t our preferred option, the majority of recycled plastic is available there. This means we can balance offering value to you, our customers, while meeting our stringent quality standards and ensuring a responsibly made product. Whilst we were unable to find a more local source for the Poo Bags that fit this criteria just now, know that we’re committed to helping customers reduce their dogs impact. So this is something we’ll continue to review and improve in the future.


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