T’s & C’s: tails.com and Scruffs competition January 2021

How it works START DATE: Wednesday 13th January 2021. END DATE: 11.59pm, Tuesday 19th January 2021. WINNER CHOSEN: By Friday 22nd January 2021. PRIZE: There will be 1 winner. The winner will receive 3 months’ free tails.com food and treats, and 1 x Ellen dog bed from Scruffs. How to enter On Facebook Like and … Read more

Magnificent mug cake recipe

Dog birthday cake

If you’re anything like us, you know that there’s no better feeling than giving your dog a special treat. And seeing as office dog Zeus was celebrating his birthday, we decided to find him a special treat he could enjoy in the office with some of his best friends – a birthday cake in a … Read more

Sun protection for dogs

Sun protection for dogs

Summertime. A time to head out to the beach, the park or maybe even a long country walk with your dog. And it’s also a time when we get asked how best to protect dogs from the sun. While some dogs may need sunscreen, overheating and heat stroke are a much bigger risk than sunburn. … Read more

Why do dogs eat grass?

Dog eating grass

There are lots of reasons why your dog might be eating grass, with just as many myths and theories about where this behaviour comes from. But one thing vets and experts can agree on is that a dog eating grass is perfectly normal behaviour, as long as it’s only in small amounts. Is my dog … Read more

Introducing the top 10 French dog breeds

French dog breeds

French dog breeds are some of the oldest breeds in the world. They’ve been owned by everyone from French royalty to US presidents, and while we’d love to take them all home, we thought we’d take a look at the 10 most popular French dog breeds, so here’s a little more about them. Basset Hound … Read more

Top Tips for Overcoming Stress in Veterinary Practice

Head vet Sean

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. And there’s never been more discussion about the stresses of veterinary work, and veterinary mental health within the profession. With many departing the profession entirely, diversifying into other areas or worst of all suffering chronic anxiety, depression and at times resorting to suicide, it’s crucial we try to tackle stress … Read more

Dogs and shedding hair

Dog shedding hair

All dogs shed at some point in their lives – it’s perfectly natural and usually nothing to worry about. Some dogs shed continuously throughout their life, and others on a more seasonal or cyclical basis – this is known as moulting. Some breeds shed more than others due to the type of coat they have, … Read more

Top 5 Springtime Hazards for Dogs

Spring is a time we start to get out and about with our dogs more, with warmer, longer and brighter days to enjoy long countryside walks and relaxing in the garden. But there are a few hazards to be aware of this Spring that could be dangerous for your dog. Sean McCormack, Head Vet at … Read more