Meet: The Golden Retriever

golden retriever

Golden Retrievers are among the most popular pet dogs in the world and are instantly recognisable due to their luxurious golden coats. In this article, we’re going to tell you all about this beautiful breed of dog and what you can expect from one as a pet. Origins Up in the Scottish countryside, hunting wildfowl … Read more

T’s & C’s: and grüum competition September 2021

How it works START DATE: Monday 27th September 2021. END DATE: 11.59pm, Sunday 3rd September 2021. WINNER CHOSEN: By Wednesday 6th October 2021. PRIZE: There will be 2 winners, one from social media channels, one from grüum’s social media channels. Each winner will receive a “treat yourself” prize of 2 months’ free food … Read more

T’s & C’s: Wet Nose Nation competition September 2021

How it works START DATE: Friday 17th September 2021. END DATE: 12pm, Wednesday 22nd September 2021. WINNER CHOSEN: By Friday 24th September 2021. PRIZE: There will be 5 winners. The winners will receive a branded bowl and 1 month of free food. How to enter Share your dog’s favourite treat on the specified … Read more

How to manage travel sickness in dogs

The summer holiday season is nearly here and many of us will be planning trips with our four-legged friends. Signs of Travel Sickness in Dogs Being aware of the signs and symptoms of travel sickness can help identify if your dog is suffering from motion sickness or travel anxiety. – Vomiting – Excessive Drooling/Salivation – Whining/Whimpering … Read more

My time at

I recently spent two weeks learning what it is like to be a veterinarian at As a veterinary student, I have always been curious about non-traditional veterinary roles in industry. I met Sean, the head vet at, through social media and asked him some questions about his role. I guess I had a … Read more