How to convince your dog to go out in the rain

It’s starting to get colder and coats are now a daily requirement upon leaving the house. Soon we’ll need scarves and hats too, and it won’t be long before we’ll be arming ourselves with a torch for evening walks now that the clocks have gone back. We experience our fair share of rain here in … Read more

How to help your dog love dinner time

At, we know that every dog is different. Some dogs clear their dinner bowls within seconds whereas others are less excited by their food and would rather be playing, sleeping or waiting for treats instead. Just like humans, dogs can be fussy eaters too. We’ve put together a list of tips to help your … Read more

Does your dog jump up to greet you?

Our office has recently welcomed a new addition to the team of office dogs: Miss Biggie Smalls. Adopted from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Biggie picked up some bad habits in her first home. Kat is trying to teach Miss Biggie to not jump up at people when greeting them or when trying to get … Read more

Guest Blog: How to keep feeding time fun and interesting for your dog

We all know that our dogs need and enjoy physical exercise every day, but mental stimulation is often something that we overlook. Our friends at All Paws Pets, who specialise in dog training and behaviour, have shared some ideas around how we can keep feeding time fun and interesting for our dogs: “Dogs, being the … Read more

Feeding Time Behaviour

We all know how much dogs love their food, (depending on the breed even more so – Labradors, we’re looking at you!) The excitement levels when the dog food comes out of the cupboard are proof of this. Our friends at All Paws Pets, who specialise in dog training and behaviour, kindly shared some top … Read more

Why does my dog chew my shoes?

If you saw office dog Monty’s appearance on BBC Business News with our CEO James, then you may have detected his penchant for trouble. Monty recently chewed the heel of one of the team’s expensive shoes that she had left under her desk. Naturally, she wasn’t too pleased. Some dogs have the tendency to … Read more

Can dogs and cats ever be friends?

Although studies suggest that up to 70% of dogs and cats get on well together and can become great companions at home, there are some dogs that will never accept them. Sighthound breeds are typical of this as they rely on their exceptional sight to track and hunt small animals and the movement and size … Read more

Why does my dog chew?

It’s well known that certain breeds are more likely to chew than others and size has little to do with their relative destructiveness. In the top ten for most destructive (compiled by an insurance company so they would know the relative cost!) were the Chihuahua, Dachshund, Boxer, Dalmatian, Bulldog, Great Dane, Husky, Beagle and Pointer. … Read more

Meeting other dogs

Meeting other dogs and their owners can be one of the best things about dog walks for your dog if he’s a sociable type. Games, sniffing and general fun can allow you a rest whilst they burn off excess energy together. But recognising the warning signs of when the games might turn into fighting or … Read more