5 fun activities for you and your dog

Paddle boarding with your dog

The best thing about dogs is they’re always up for being with you. They love exploring with their favourite people, and trying new things is great to tire them out physically and mentally. A bit of mental stimulation goes a long way (brilliant for breeds like Border Collies and German Shepherds). There’s no better way … Read more

Dog Friendly London: Eat Out to Help Out in these 14 Restaurants

Dog friendly restaurant: Putt in the Park

Diners across the UK are set to receive a 50% discount on their meals throughout August through the Government’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme. And the long-awaited list of restaurants participating has finally been released.  Restaurants who sign up to the Eat Out to Help Out scheme will automatically deduct the percentage from your … Read more

We’re loving: Harbour Hounds

We’re obsessed with these drying robes from Harbour Hounds. Nautically inspired and practical to boot, they’re perfect to pop on after swimming, baths and downpours. The robes quickly wick moisture away and trap air and body heat to keep your dog warm as they dry off 🐶 They’re easy to fasten (no fiddly plastic clips) … Read more

The 5 best dog walks around Cardiff

Bear at the beach

With the latest COVID-19 update we’re now allowed to get out and about for longer with our dogs. Which means there’ll be lots of wagging tails and excited pups up and down the country. And there’s no better way to spend that time than by exploring the best our UK cities have to offer. But … Read more

Our favourite doggy bloggers

dog resting head

Over at Tails.com HQ, we love a good blog, especially if it’s dog-themed! We thought we’d put together a list of our favourites to share the love – whether you’re looking for tips and tricks on dog behaviour or nutrition, or just looking for dog-friendly places to stay, these fabulous dog blogs will have you … Read more

‘Ruff’ Guide: The Search for the UK’s Most Dog Friendly Holiday

dog friendly holidays

From city breaks to seaside escapes, get ready for some serious dog friendly staycation inspiration!  It is estimated that 60% of dog owners plan their holidays around their pets.  But, which UK location offers the best holiday experience for both you and your dog?  From pet friendly Airbnb’s to the number of dog friendly beaches, … Read more

Itch-Festation – The Gruesome Truth About Fleas

flea calendar

Flea season is well and truly upon us. As the temperature starts to drop, households all over the UK will turn on their central heating which could prompt an ‘itch-festation’ to erupt in households across the nation.  Lockdown was the perfect breeding ground for fleas. We enjoyed longer ­periods of time outdoors with our pets … Read more

Our favourite Christmas gifts this season

Dog Christmas gifts

We love to give back to our dogs, especially at Christmas. With that in mind, we’ve put together our favourite gift ideas for this holiday season. From all-in-one Christmas boxes to limited edition vinyls, this list has you covered. Happy shopping, and tag us in your best gifts on Instagram – using #luckiestdogever! The Happy … Read more

This World Map of Literally Translated Animal Names Will Amaze You

pigeon in a jacuzzi

Can you guess what a ‘Sea Pig’ translates to in English? What about a ‘Flutter Mouse’?  We’ve found some of the strangest and the most fitting translations for animals all over the world and reimagined what they would be like. Focusing on three continents; Asia, Europe, and Africa, these fun alternate names will change how … Read more

What you should know before taking your dog on a winter holiday

There’s something magical about a winter holiday, and let’s face it, it’s even more special when the pooch goes with you. When your dog tags along too, there’s no more worrying about who will look after them, or wishing they were with you while you’re away. According to Dogs Monthly, more than half of pet … Read more